Mark Galiotti: 17:00 Saturday

Real Spies and Really Good Games
Truth to tell, real intelligence work has depressingly little to do with tuxedos, martinis and Aston Martins. Mark Galeotti, who *thinks* he’s the only Western academic to have set foot in the HQs of MI6, the CIA and, back in the day, the KGB, will discuss how to get past Bond and Bourne and bring in a little realism into your games – without boring your players to tears.

Jonathan Webb: 18:00 Saturday

Concept Designs for Praxian Oases

Jonathan Webb has been a lifelong player of Runequest. He is the lead author of the Sandheart Series (via the Jonstown Compendium). Recently, he has completed two commissioned manuscripts for Chaosium.  The first is a Praxian sourcebook. Working with Jeff, and using source material from Greg Stafford’s original publications, the manuscript details the people, places, culture and religions of the Praxians. The second is focused in Sun Dome County, south of Sartar. This describes the county in more detail and presents a large adventure campaign.

At the seminar he will be presenting some visual concept designs for Praxian Oases and Sun Dome County. So come along for a PowerPoint pictorial feast.

Lawrence Whitaker and team: 20:00 Saturday
Oiling the Gears
An update from the Design Mechanism

Dr. Moose: 10:00 Sunday
Role Playing and Spirituality. 8th Edition
Normal Sunday morning service resumes with the good doctor discussing all things faith and Role Playing.

Jason Durall: 11:00 Sunday
“Dispatches from Glorantha
Connectivity willing, Jason joins us from Berlin to get the lowdown on the state of the line, and projects in development for Rune Quest Glorantha. Please note, that this is not a discussion on Gloranthan lore. We may be able to get Jeff to discuss these matters separately (GenCon and time permitting).

Mike Mason: 12:00 Sunday
“Calling Cthulhu”
Mike brings us the latest news about Call of Cthulhu and more, from Chaosium.

Watch this space for more possible seminars…