Slot 4 (Sat 1400 – 1800)

Here are the games planned for Slot 4 (Saturday, 14:00 — 18:00):

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System: Blade Runner (Tabletop RPG)
GM: slaguru
Where & When: Room: Arkham, Slot: 4. Saturday Afternoon
Players: 3–4
Tagged as: Mature Themes

Description: A replicant walks into a LAPD station covered in blood, that is not his own, he … Read more

The Siege of Sukiskyn

System: BECMI Dungeons and Dragons (Tabletop RPG)
GM: BECMI Berserker
Where & When: Room: Pavis, Slot: 4. Saturday afternoon
Players: 5–8

Description: In the east of the Grand Duchy of Karameikos, the goblins tribes of the Dymrak F… Read more

Orphic Institute Treatment Session Theta

System: A Penny for My Thoughts (Tabletop RPG)
GM: Zuki
Where & When: Room: Innsmouth, Slot: 4. Saturday afternoon
Players: 2–3
Tagged as: Mature Themes, Player Led

Description: You are a patient at the Orphic Institute for Advanced Studies, where we oversee… Read more

The Iron of Mons Fraxinis

System: Pendragon 6e (Tabletop RPG)
GM: AlexS
Where & When: Room: Arthur, Slot: 4. Saturday afternoon
Players: 3–6

Description: It is the Year of Our Lord 509, and anarchy has reigned in Logres since the deat… Read more

The Hall of Ebon Mirrors

System: Mythras (Tabletop RPG)
GM: Antalon
Where & When: Room: Monster Island, Slot: 4. Saturday afternoon
Players: 4–4

Description: The Heartless Houri reverberates to the piping of the mad pirate Muammar. Despit… Read more

The Maideners

System: Grims Gangs (Tabletop RPG)
GM: Mr_Al
Where & When: Room: Kingsport, Slot: 4. Saturday afternoon
Players: 4–6
Tagged as: Player Led

Description: This scenario is set around 623AD, The Tribe take it’s name from the huge eart… Read more

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