Dos and Don’ts – some friendly advice

DO have a good time! Have a great time! Have a grand time! Just have fun!

DO read and comply with the con rules, aka the Terms & Conditions.

DO unto others as you would want them do unto you. Treat other convention attendees in a generally civilized fashion. Abusive, insulting, intimidating, bothersome, or outwardly illegal behavior will not be tolerated.

DON’T name and shame or implicitly name and shame your Continuum GMs or players in your con reports, blogs or podcasts before, during or after the event. Sometimes people have a bad game, that is just happens.

DON’T freak out the non-convention-going guests on the site. Please go ahead and use the public areas for gaming and partying, but be considerate of other people.

DON’T smoke in the main building or near open windows/doors outside.

DON’T use your LARP and other weapons outside of the game space. This includes toy weapons, “boffers”, or anything that is liable to trip others. Please use common sense. Do not wander around waving toy guns or knives, even brightly coloured plastic ones, keep them confined to game spaces.

DO be nice to the venue and its staff. You may only tape something to the walls if you use light masking tape or architect’s tape, which will leave no residue and will not damage the paint. The convention has a limited amount of tape available which it can loan to games as needed.

DON’T get excessively drunk. We’re not averse to people having a drink but be sensible! Continuum reserves the right to deny entry to anyone who has been drinking excessively.

DO please report any incident in which an attendee ignores the rules of the convention stated above to a member of the Continuum team or the Chairman.  Continuum reserves the right to revoke, without refund, the membership of anyone for any just cause. An Ops Staff member can always be found at the Ops desk during regular Operations hours. If the University staff observe a guest violating any of the above rules, they reserve the right to have that guest removed from the property without refund.

DO please look after your things. Continuum is not responsible for any lost or stolen property. Should you find another person’s lost property, please turn it in to the Continuum team.