Terms & Conditions

Convention Registration

Buying a Continuum registration signifies your acceptance of these terms and conditions and breach of the terms and conditions invalidates your registration.

  1. Continuum reserves the right to update these terms and conditions and will make a reasonable effort to contact registered users should they do so.
  2. Continuum registration is not complete until it has been paid in full and approved by the Continuum Committee.
  3. Registration booking must be made by persons over 18 years of age. Under 18s may attend if accompanied by their parents or other legal guardian but the parents or other legal guardian will have to pay registration and accommodation fees for any under-18s attending.
  4. Payments are refundable on the agreement of the committee.
  5. Personal data collected by the Continuum Committee during the Registration Process is held on our secure website and in the Committee Dropbox cloud (Ireland). All personal data collected for the Continuum 2024 event will be deleted before the Continuum 2025 event.
  6. You must accept and abide by the code of conduct. If you breach the rules, your registration (and accommodation booking, if any) may be cancelled and you will be escorted from the premises.
  7. The non-appearance of any Guest of Honour or Speaker at the event does not invalidate the event nor is grounds for any kind of compensation or refund.
  8. You agree not to hold Continuum or its staff liable for injury or loss/damage to person or property while arriving, attending, or departing the convention.
  9. The venue is private property and the Cranfield CMDC staff and convention staff have the right to refuse entry for any reason.

You must respect the instructions of the Cranfield University staff and convention staff and security personnel.

Code of Conduct

Please have your convention badge on display at all times as it identifies you as a fully-paid attendee.

Please be aware that if the Continuum committee become aware of any of our attendees engaging in any form of illegal activity on site, we will inform the relevant authorities.

Please keep in mind that there will be members of the public on the Cranfield campus. Consideration of others is the hallmark of a mature individual and a healthy fandom, and we encourage that courtesy from all participants in our community.

Safety and security matters are generally handled by the Continuum committee. Any Continuum staff member may ask you to stop an activity or to move it to a private room. You can easily identify Continuum staff as they will be wearing clearly marked badges. The committee requests that attendees co-operate with staff requests promptly. Repeat offenders may be required to return their badge and to leave the premises. If you feel that you have been unfairly treated, you should contact the Chairman in writing after the convention.

‘No’ means no. ‘Stop’ means stop. ‘Go away’ means go away. If you are asked to stop acting in a way which another delegate finds threatening and do not do so, they may involve a member of the Continuum committee immediately who will assist in resolving the situation. Harassment will result in the loss of your badge and the potential involvement of the police.

Anti-Harassment Policy

Continuum enforces a strict Anti-Harassment Policy. Harassment includes, but is not limited to, verbal or physical intimidation and/or abuse, on the basis of a person’s gender, gender identity, ethnicity, sexual orientation, disability, religion or body size. It also includes engaging someone in unwanted physical contact or doing anything that infringes upon a person’s bodily autonomy. Leering, stalking, unwanted photography or recording, suggestive gestures, and jokes or remarks targeting the abovementioned features are also harassment and will be treated as such.

‘No’ means no. ‘Stop’ means stop. ‘Go away’ means go away. If someone gives you the impression that your presence is causing them distress, back off. Do not pursue people that deliberately walk away from you, even if you only want to explain yourself. If you are asked to stop acting in a way which another delegate finds threatening and do not do so, they are encouraged to involve a member of the Continuum committee or a designated safety officer immediately who will assist in resolving the situation. Harassment will result in the loss of your badge, the potential involvement of the police and possible banning from future events.

Prohibited Items

Continuum does not allow any physical items to be displayed or sold which violate European and/or UK law. This includes (but is not limited to) weapons, imitation weapons and drugs (illegal or otherwise). In addition, no depictions of excessive violence and cruelty are permitted. If you are in doubt about that rule, consult a member of the Continuum committee. No discriminatory, derogatory or offensive items may be sold. If you are in any doubt, please contact a member of Continuum Staff.

Alcohol, smoking and drugs

It is Cranfield University policy that alcohol drunk in the communal areas of the University must have been purchased from the University bar. This matter is not negotiable. Alcohol bought from outside the premises may be consumed in a bedroom.

Do not wander around the premises with your own alcohol.

In line with UK law, the whole of the venue is a no smoking area. Smoking anywhere in the building is an offence punishable by a £50 on the spot fine or up to £200 on conviction. If you wish to smoke, please do so well outside the building, away from windows and doors.

Continuum does not tolerate the possession or use of any illegal substances. The violation of this zero tolerance rule will result in the immediate withdrawal of your badge, you will be escorted from the premises and the matter will be referred to the police.

Health & Safety

Continuum has qualified first aid staff on duty at all times. Should you require their assistance, please inform any member of staff. If you discover anything hazardous, please inform a member of the Continuum committee immediately. Calling the Emergency Services can have serious consequences and should only be done where a genuine emergency exists.

Copyright & Intellectual Property

Please respect the copyright of any work displayed, played or printed by not making copies without the copyright holder’s permission.

Costumes & Clothing

Public exposure of genitalia, buttocks or breasts is not permitted. Anatomically correct costumes, furry or otherwise, must be clothed as above. Continuum staff reserve the right to determine whether any clothing or accessories contravene these rules.

If you wear body paint of any kind, please refrain from sitting on any furniture as it may damage it. The public spaces of the venue are not the proper place for applying body paint – your room would be more suitable. Any item of clothing, apparel or similar items which are likely to bring the convention and/or fandom into disrepute must not be worn in public areas.


The public display of an item which appears to be a firearm is a statutory offence. Due to the location of the venue, which is part of a police patrol route, all firearms, replica or otherwise, are completely forbidden. All bladed weapons are forbidden, as are realistic looking imitation weapons as these may alarm other guests.

The police WILL take no chances with weapons and will respond with deadly force.

If you believe you need a weapon as part of a costume then buy a cheap plastic sword or very obvious brightly coloured water pistol from a toy shop or market stall. It will only cost a small amount and it will look just as good if not better.

If you refuse to abide by the weapons policy, you will be required to leave your weapon in your room. Cranfield University security staff may confiscate any item they deem inappropriate. Should you not agree to this, your badge will be confiscated and you will be escorted off the premises.

Video & Photography

Continuum wants you to have great memories to take away with you. The taking of photos and video footage by attendees is permitted throughout the convention with the exception of the auction. When photographing or recording video of individuals or costumes, please use common courtesy and ask beforehand. Please respect other attendees’ rights if they refuse. We appreciate that you will get very involved in your photography or videography, however please make sure that you are courteous to your fellow photographers/videographers and that you do not inconvenience or endanger them.

The capture of photographs and video footage for the purpose of sale or publication is expressly forbidden unless written permission has been obtained in advance from Continuum.

Some events and public areas may be recorded or photographed for use in marketing and promotional materials for the convention. Attendees may appear in said materials without compensation. No video recording or photography by convention staff will be conducted in guest rooms or in any other areas where an attendee has a reasonable expectation of privacy. Continuum will require a release only for footage that is obtained in areas that are not public.

Weekend Pass or Day Pass holders

Although we appreciate that you may want to stay as late as possible, you must leave the venue as soon as the ‘last dance’ has finished. Any attendee staying overnight at the venue without authorisation will have their badge confiscated by the Continuum committee and will be required to leave the premises for the rest of the convention. You may also be liable to pay fees to the venue for the duration of any unauthorised stay. Those staying at the venue in accommodation have their breakfast included in their ticket price. Snacks and meals are available to purchase from the bar and from the canteen at the venue.