Continuum Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions:

What is Continuum?

Continuum is a UK RPG gaming convention. The first convention of this brand was held in 1992 under the name “Convulsions”, which became “Continuum” in 2004. The convention was held every two years (barring the pandemic), with the 2023 event being the first time the event is held annually. 

Continuum prides itself in being a very social residential con, which offers a plethora of RPGs, freeforms and other games, plus seminars, events and ample opportunities to chat with old and new friends.

Didn’t you used to be in Leicester?

Yes! But in late 2023, we were informed by Leicester University that they will no longer be able to host events and our 2024 booking was cancelled. Fortunately, we were able to arrange an alternative venue for the next event (see below).

Where and when is Continuum being held?

The doors open on Friday the 26th July 2024 at 12pm and close on Monday 29th July 2024 at 11am.

The venue will be: 

Cranfield Management Development Centre (CMDC)

Wharley End, Cranfield,

Cranfield MK43 0AW, England

Accommodation, games and all other facilities will be contained in one building.

Does Continuum have an Anti-Harassment Policy?

Yes, we do! You can find the full policy in our Terms and Conditions here.

I want to help Continuum, how can I do that?

There are many ways you can help to make Continuum a great con!

One of the most straightforward ways of doing this is to offer to run games and events for us, and get them registered with us as early as possible.

We are also always looking for volunteers (“gophers”) to assist the Committee. 

And, of course, by being excellent to each other and any new attendees that might be coming to Continuum for the first time.

If you have any desire to help out Continuum further, send a message to Julia or Alison via the Contact page.

Registration Questions:

How do I register for the Continuum convention?

Step 1: Register to this website. As we purge the website of all user data between events, you will have to sign up again, even if you were at our previous events.

Step 2: Go to the “Members Only” menu. Click on “Purchase tickets”. Here you will find day and weekend tickets to Continuum. Between February and the end of March, we offer them at our special Early Bird rate.

Step 3 (if you need accommodation): Contact Cranfield and book a room! Unlike in previous years, in 2024, everything to do with accommodation will be handled by the staff at Cranfield. When you purchase your convention ticket from us, you will be able to indicate that you would like a room. At this point, you will receive the contact details for Cranfield’s booking team and also a code to quote to receive our special con rates. For more on the accommodation at Cranfield, please consult the Accommodation section further down.

How do I pay for my attendance at Continuum?

Continuum accepts payment via direct bank transfer or via PayPal.

Details of payment methods and costs can be found here.

Please note that a registration is not considered to be valid until full payment has been received by the Committee.

What does Continuum do with my money?

Any money Continuum receives from tickets goes to printing, website fees, equipment hire, attendance for the Committee (who in return organise and run the event) and contingencies.

Any money left over after an event remains in the Continuum bank account to use for subsequent Continuum conventions.

Can I bring kids to Continuum?

If you wish to bring your underage offspring to the convention, it is very important that you let us know. Please contact Alison via the Who’s Who page and let her know your name, the name of the child and the age of the child at the time of the convention.

Unfortunately we are not able to offer any discounts for underaged attendees.

By when do I need to have registered?

For the Con: If you want to take advantage of our Early Bird con ticket offer, you should have booked your ticket with us by the end of March. Otherwise, you may either pre-book until the end of June or you can purchase tickets on the day at the venue (cash only).

Please note that you will not be able to pre-register tabletop games you might want to run or book spaces in a Freeform you want to play in unless you have a paid Continuum ticket.

For accommodation: Please make sure that you have booked the correct accommodation for your needs with Cranfield by the end of June. Please also note that Cranfield will accept cancellations for bookings until two weeks before the event.


How do I book accommodation for Continuum 2024?

To book accommodation for Continuum 2024, you will first need to book a ticket to the con (see How do I register for the Con? above). During the booking process, you will be provided with the email and the phone number of Cranfield’s booking staff. You will also receive a code to quote, which will enable you to book at our special con rates.

When you make your booking, the staff will need to know the following:

  1. Do you want a twin room (2 beds) or a double room (one big bed)?
  2. Are you going to share your room with another person (if so, who?) or would you like to book the room for single occupancy?
  3. Do you have any mobility requirements which require you to have an accessible bedroom or a bedroom closer to a certain part of the venue?
  4. A normal booking includes Bed&Breakfast. Would you also like to book dinner at the special rate which is only available for pre-booking?

Please communicate all requests related to the accommodation to Cranfield staff. If you need to change or cancel your accommodation booking, please also do this by contacting Cranfield.

What is the accommodation like at Continuum?

Cranfield Management Development Center has two types of rooms: twin (meaning two single sized beds) and double rooms (meaning one double bed). There are more double rooms than twin rooms available.

The prices quoted are for single occupancy/double occupancy. The double occupancy rate is lower than 2 x the single occupancy rate.

All rooms have an en-suite bathroom. There are no self-catering facilities, but the rooms have kettles and also TV sets.

Are there accessible rooms and if so, how can I get one?

There are a few rooms adapted for wheelchair use. All other rooms are located at least three steps up from the ground floor. There is a lift to the upper levels, but this lift is also three steps up from the ground floor. If you have any mobility requirements regarding your accommodation, please let Cranfield know when you make your booking.

As a frame of reference when considering distances at Continuum, from the entrance to the accommodation block to the restaurant/bar is an estimated distance of around 100m, and to the gaming rooms is around 200m. If you wish to eat at Reggie’s, the self-service restaurant, you will need to travel around 400m, which will also involve leaving the venue and going outside as Reggie’s is located at Mitchell Hall.

If you have any mobility questions or requirements regarding the events at the con, please let Alison know.

Are meals included?

Breakfast is included. Other meals are not included, but dinner can be booked ahead when making your accommodation booking with Cranfield. There are two restaurants at the Venue, both of which can be used by delegates without pre-booking. The restaurant in the main venue is where breakfast is available. It will also serve lunch and dinner however they are in the process of establishing a bespoke menu for us including eg. burgers and pizzas. Watch this space1

Free tea and coffee will be available all day for delegates.

Can I choose who I want to be roomed with?

You actually have to! When you make your booking with Cranfield, please let them know who you intend to share a room with or, alternatively, book a room for single occupancy.

If you would like to share a twin room with someone but not actually have anybody to share with yet, feel free to use the Continuum social media channels (Facebook, Discord etc.) to look for a roommate. Be aware that the supply of both twin and double bedrooms at Cranfield is limited, and that therefore twin bedrooms could theoretically run out at some point.

I really want to stay in a room by myself!

That’s totally fine! If you want to stay in a room by yourself, please tell Cranfield that you would like to book a room for single occupancy when you make your booking.

Where else can I stay?

The Travelodge Bedford Marston Moretaine is located about 5 miles (10 minutes by car) away from the venue. 

Other hotels or B&Bs may be available in the area.

(If you stay offsite, you can pre-book breakfast at Cranfield for £13:95, per person per day)

Venue Questions

So what sort of venue is this?

The Cranfield CMDC is a training and conference centre , part of the campus of Cranfield University. (Very nearly) all aspects of the con (tabletop games, accommodation, board games, trade hall, seminars, restaurant, social spaces and freeforms) are under one roof. There is also some outside seating.

Tell me about the food.

Breakfast is included in your stay, if you book accommodation via Cranfield.

Lunch and dinner can be purchased from the venue restaurant which will offer a wide range including pizza and burgers. There is also a bar.


  • The rooms have kettles, so if you are a connoisseur of pot noodles and the like, this may be an option for you, just remember to bring some cutlery etc.
  • Deliveroo delivers to the venue.
  • There is a Co-Op on campus as well as an additional Co-Op 2.4 miles away (7 minutes by car) in Cranfield on the High Street.
  • Cranfield (ca. 2.5 miles by car away from the venue) has several restaurants and take-aways on the High Street, among them The Swan (serves Gurkha cuisine), The Cross Keys (pub food) and Mr. Fish Cranfield (a Fish & Chips Takeaway).

Cranfield CMDC is a hotel-standard conference venue so there are no self-catering facilities.

Where can I buy things off-site?

There is a small supermarket on campus. The closest supermarket is the Co-Op 2.4 miles (7 minutes by car) away on Cranfield High Street. There are also a Lidl and a Sainsbury’s Local 4.6 miles away (11 minutes by car) on Fen Street in Milton Keynes. |Central Milton Keynes has all the standard supermarkets.

Is there a bar?


Can I bring my own drinks?

Due to licensing policies, you may not bring or consume your own alcohol anywhere in the public areas of the venue. You may consume your own alcohol in your room. 

Tell me about the gym.

If you have booked accommodation at Cranfield, you will receive free entry to the gym, pool and sauna. 

Pre-Con Questions

So how can I find out more about what is happening at the con?

Continuum has two Facebook accounts: the Continuum 2024 page and the Continuum and Convulsing Continuuees group (the group being the more useful one for communicating with the committee or other attendees).

We have a presence on the platform formally known as Twitter.

We run a Discord server, which is exclusively open to those who have booked a ticket for the current convention. To join the Discord server, send a message to Julia. If you have already previously been a member of the Discord server, you will have your access to the bulk of the server re-granted shortly after buying a ticket to the current event. Please note that as part of the Terms and Conditions on the Discord server, we need to you have a recognisable username that we can match to our registration records.

Can I use the Facebook group/the Discord server to promote the game/event I am going to run or to ask more questions?

Sure, that is part of what it is there for!

“At the Con” Questions

How do I get to Continuum?

By Coach & Bus: 

From Milton Keynes Coachway: Get the C1 or C11 towards Bedford. The bus takes only around 19 minutes to Cranfield University Main Gate. From there, it is about a 6 minute walk to the venue at CMDC. Please note there is (apparently) only one bus per hour. 

By Train & Bus: 

From Milton Keynes Central: Get the C1 from Stop Y4 at the Central Station towards Bedford. The bus takes around 48 minutes to Cranfield University Main Gate. From there, it is about a 6 minute walk to the venue at CMDC. Please note that there is (apparently) only one bus per hour.

From Bedford: Go to the Bedford Bus station at Ashburnham Rd (0.4 miles) and board the C1 to Central Milton Keynes. The bus takes around 35 minutes to Cranfield University Main Gate. From there, it is about a 6 minute walk to the venue at CMDC. Please note there is (apparently) only one bus per hour.

Train & taxi:

The most convenient way of getting to the venue is to hire a taxi outside the train station at Milton Keynes or Bedford, and share it with a few fellow attendees.

Flying in:

Should you be visiting us from overseas, please note that the closest airport to the venue is Luton.

Please be advised that this information, while correct at the time of writing, is subject to change.

Is there free parking at the Venue?

Yes, there is ample parking at the CMDC. When you turn off College Rd and go into Duncan Rd, the first entry on the right hand side will take you into the car park. 

Can I buy a weekend or day ticket at the door?

You certainly can. We will have a front desk where you can purchase your ticket, but please be advised we only accept cash. Should the registration desk be vacant by the time you arrive, please find a Committee member or Gopher (recognisable by their green polo shirts) and pay them. You must have a have a ticket to attend Continuum – “but there was nobody at the reception table when I arrived!” is no excuse!

When can I get into my room?

Keys to the rooms won’t be available before 2pm on Friday. If you are travelling in by train etc and need a space to store your luggage, a luggage room will be provided where you can leave your luggage at your own risk.

Who can help me at Continuum?

If there is an issue with your room or the venue in general, the venue staff can usually be found at the reception area. If there is something wrong or broken in your room, they are the people who can probably help you. Please be nice to them; they work very hard!

In the unfortunate circumstance that you experience something that breaks our safety policies, we have an experienced safety team on hand.

The Continuum Committee and their volunteers are the people who can help you with all your convention-related questions and problems. You can identify them by their badges and their green polo shirts. 

You can also find photos and biographies of the Committee members in our Who is Who section.

Is there WiFi and phone coverage?

The venue has free WiFi.  Mobile phone coverage may vary, depending on your provider. 

When are the time slots?

Slot 1 Friday 14:00 – 18:00

Slot 2 Friday 20:00 – 24:00

Slot 3 Saturday 10:00 – 13:00

Slot 4 Saturday 14:00 – 18:00

Slot 5 Saturday 20:00 – 24:00

Slot 6 Sunday 10:00 – 13:00

Slot 7 Sunday 14:00 – 18:00

Slot 8 Sunday 20:00 – 24:00

Freeform Questions:

What is a freeform?

A freeform is a live action role playing game, where you are given a character by a Game Master and play out that character in a story together with a group of other players – a bit like a play without a clear script. Characters may have quite detailed backstories and motivations, and also goals that they try to reach during the course of the game.

While it is not strictly required by most, it is generally very much appreciated by the GM if the players make an attempt to dress like their character for atmospheric/immersion reasons.

How and when can I sign up for a freeform?

Freeform registrations open a couple of months before the event. 

Sign-ups will be rolled out in three phases. You will be able to sign up for one freeform in Phase One, a second freeform in Phase Two and as many further freeforms as you like (and still have room) in Phase Three.

I would like to offer to run a freeform, what do I need to do?

If you want to run a Freeform, please contact Mark, who coordinates this kind of thing, and offer your game. When it comes to theme, size, rules etc. please see the Freeform FAQ page.

Continuum won’t charge you or your players for a Freeform. However, if you do need to cover material costs and such, you are free to charge your players so long as you let them (and us) know in advance. You alone will be responsible for collecting the fees from your players.

Tabletop Game Questions:

What sort of games do you offer at Continuum?

Any system or setting is fine with us. Historically, we used to get quite a big Glorantha or Call of Cthulhu Fanbase at our con, but a huge number of games these days are also indie games and homebrew one-shots (and D&D tends to be represented, but not massively so). Generally speaking, if sounds fun, you’ll get players, and availability of certain systems and genres entirely depends on what people are willing to offer. 

How do I sign up for a game at Continuum?

Registration for table top games happens at the con. There will be a pin board where the sheets for the next slots will be put up at regular intervals.

Write your name on the list, (as legibly, as possible). If the game is full, consider signing up for a reserve slot, in case someone drops out. Similarly, if you realise you won’t be able to play in a game you have signed up for, be kind and cross your name off the list.

I want to offer a game, do I just bring it on the day or should I register it in advance?

You are, of course, free to just bring your games on the day, but we recommend that you register your game with Andrew via email in advance.

There are good reasons, too!:

  1. It allows us to announce the games on the website, so players and other GMs know what’s already on offer.
  2. It allows Andrew to allocate you a space in advance, so you will in all likelihood wind up in a nice, quiet room.
  3. There are perks for preregistering GMs! If you register a game with us before the con, you get to pick a player slot in one of the other games that has been registered in advance before the con even starts!

Other Game/Programme Questions:

What other events does Continuum have to offer?

We have had all sorts of panels in the past, including companies presenting their upcoming games, mapmakers showing off their work, advice on running conventions or freeforms and the ever-popular Spirituality and Roleplaying panel on Sunday morning. There is also a Gloranthan sing-a-long and sometimes even movie nights. 

Can I offer an event or seminar?

If you think you or you and your friends have something interesting to show or tell the attendees, why not host a panel? If you have an idea for a panel or any other event, let Colin know.

Will there be board games?

Yes! Continuum has a board games library graciously provided by two of our attendees, Alan and Charlie Paull. The board game library is a clearly signposted room, where you can play games or borrow them. Of course you are also free to just bring some of your own!

Trade Hall Questions:

What is the Trade Hall?

The trade hall is a large room that is dedicated to offering various shops, stores and companies a place to sell their wares.

The Trade Hall is open on Friday, Saturday and Sunday between gaming slots or by special arrangement.

The Continuum Bring and Buy is also a part of the Trade Hall offerings.

How do I register as a trader?

To register as a trader or enquire about our terms and conditions, please send an email to Colin and tell him what you are selling or what your business is. Please be advised that due to the limited space in the venue, we reserve the right to pick and choose our traders to allow for the greatest possible variety. Continuum is not a small con, but we are not so big that it makes sense to have several stalls offering similar things. 

What traders will be attending Continuum 2024?

You can find all our currently registered traders in the Traders section of our website.

Will there be a Bring & Buy and if yes, how does it work?

Yes! The Bring and Buy is part of the Trade Hall. You can bring your old games, miniatures etc. you no longer want and we will sell it (with a percentage of the price going to the con). To find out more about the Bring & Buy, check the Bring and Buy section of the website. 

Can I pay by card?

Continuum itself does not accept cards, neither for the ticket desk nor for the Bring and Buy. Individual traders MAY offer card payments.