List of Freeforms for 2024



This is the current provisional schedule, as of early April. More games may yet be added, and although the timetable corresponds to the gaming slots schedule, some games may start slightly later or end slightly earlier. Further details will be added to some games shortly.


How do I play in one of these excellent games?

The first round of sign-ups will open at 12 noon on Saturday 20 April, to allow for additional games, more people registering, and everyone to get their act together! Send an email to [email protected] (yes, 2022!) with the Subject FREEFORM ROUND 1, giving your name and email address (and also the name/handle you registered under, if that’s different, so we can confirm you have registered and paid), the gender you play, and your first, second and third choices.

I will get back to you as soon as I can letting you know which game(s) you are in – at the very least, I hope to be able to place everyone in their first choice. Then it will be up to the GMs of each game to get in touch to arrange casting, etc. In the first instance, I would hope to give everyone two games, if possible.

Be aware that by submitting a sign-up request, you are agreeing to my passing your name and the rest to the GMs. I will delete all my records of this after the con.


  1. I will be paying attention to when people send in their emails, but it is not a pure first come/first served allocation, in that in the unlikely case that people don’t get a first choice, for example, I will give them priority for their second. However, don’t submit sign-ups before 12 noon on the 20th. If you do, I will automatically put you at the back of the queue.
  2. Don’t get too worried! We have lots of games and places, and there will be further rounds of sign-ups.
  3. Know that we do not plan to schedule any Glorantha-set tabletops against Home of the Bold – this is where to get your Gloranthan fix!
  4. Any questions, contact me on [email protected]


  Friday Saturday Sunday
Morning Hel or Hiawatha Culture Crash Delta One Warsaw ‘43
Afternoon Home of the Bold Brest or Bust
Evening Backstage Business Terminus


Friday Evening


Backstage Business

Welcome to 1986. Eruption is a young band with loud guitars, big hair, spandex, and a lot of make-up. Recently, Eruption had a runaway hit with a sweet love song called ‘You’re the One for Me’. Tonight, at the end of their first, five-month tour, Eruption is back in their home city and has just finished the second of two shows at the Roxy A Go Go. It’s now time for the backstage end-of-tour party!

As with any successful band, backstage is not only filled with the band and their fans but also with managers, roadies, groupies, and charity organizations all looking to make a profit from the band.

However, things may not be going well for Eruption. Tonight, after obvious tension on stage, they played their encore without their lead singer, Slick Scott. Is everything okay?

Lead GM: Steve Hatherley

17-22 players: 5 female, 3 male, 14 either


Saturday Morning


Come Hel or Hiawatha

There have been many rumours of Viking tribes who made their way over the seas to a land of milk and honey they called Vinland.  This is the saga of one such, the Clan of Ragnar, who have braved the Northern seas to try and make a new life in the mysterious lands to the west.  And it is the tale of the Chippasaw, the tribe who sees the interlopers coming from the sea.  They are rich in sky metal, but are they really favoured of the spirits?  Only time will tell in this game set at the final Pow-Wow, in which Viking faces Indian, each determined to protect the things they hold dear.

Lead GM: Nickey Barnard

13 players: 3 females, 7 males, 3 neutral


Culture Crash

You are a non-humanoid, non-gendered alien and are about to make unexpected First Contact with another alien species, part of a team. Your mindset and goals will be heavily influenced by your distinctive culture, yet you also have your own motivations as a character. How will you respond to the discovery of other intelligent beings, with their own very different cultural attitudes? Will this affect your relationships to others of your own kind? This First Contact hasn’t happened how you might have wished. How will you respond to the potential dangers of space exploration?

Players will receive about 12 pages of material for the game including their character sheet. Costuming suggestions will be included and are highly recommended (if players wish to- or not!)..

Not suitable for players with a phobia of insects. There are themes of breeding but no pregnancy, sex or romance. Deaths of loved ones in backstories only.

Lead GM: Julie Winnard

12 players


Saturday Afternoon/Evening


Home of the Bold

Reaching Moon Megacorp is directing a second run of the new cut of the classic Gloranthan Home of the Bold freeform

Set in Lunar-occupied Boldhome in 1625, gathered in the city over a week of game time are Lunar bureaucrats and soldiers, Sartarite client kings and queens and various residents of the city, both reputable and disreputable.

Outside the city great events are unfolding, with Boldhome key to their resolution. However, in the city there’s more excitement at the upcoming chariot race, the city mayor elections and the surprise return of Prince Temertain (from the dead!). There’s also fear and trepidation at a series of brutal murders and disappearances that have taken place over the last few weeks.

All in all, the coming week should prove to be rather eventful…

Lead GMs: David Hall & Kevin Jacklin

50 players; this game run over eight hours on the Saturday afternoon/evening, including a break for dinner.


Sunday Morning


Space Station Hestia Delta One

Welcome aboard the Space Station Hestia Delta One. You will all be playing roles on board the space station. Are you a grizzled veteran engineer, training up their replacement? Are you the successful Captain, the only one the aliens would allow? Are you the long suffering First Officer, who puts up with far too much from the demanding Ambassador?

You will decide!

The first 45 minutes of the game will be a short workshop, building your characters and working out some starting relationships. After that, what happens on board the Space station is up to you. Will Diplomacy or military might win the day? Is the Bartender a thief or something else? Will the ensign get their promotion, or will the issues with the Bounty Hunter scupper their chances?

Let’s find out together!

A game for fans of sci fi tropes.

Lead GM: Ray Hodson

6-12 Players (happy to take players on the day as well)


Warsaw ‘43

Lead GM: Sandy Fabiszewska

7-8 players


Sunday afternoon


Brest or Bust

Recently the public’s imagination has been captured by the fearless aces who reach for the stars. Lord Southcliffe, Alfred Delicious, decided that his newspaper The Daily Mail should sponsor an air race. Preparations were well under way with a £10,000 prize fund and a date in the calendar for the race when disaster struck.

During the Bournemouth air exhibition a few months ago there was a terrible crash and Charles Rolls, pioneer of engine development, daring pilot and co-founder of the Roll Royce company became the first British man to die in an aeroplane crash. The tail of his aeroplane detached whilst he was doing aerobatics. The race was postponed and by popular demand has been renamed the Charles Rolls Memorial Cup. The cup uses components from his downed flyer arranged tastefully on a wooden plinth. The rescheduled race has attracted flyers from around the globe, and the destination is Brest in Brittany.

Characters will be pilots/co-pilots/would be pilots/and various other attendees. We anticipate many shenanigans and much hilarity, together with drama and skullduggery. There will be some mechanics but they will be mercifully short.

This is Wacky Races meets Those Magnificent Men in their Flying Machines with added women…

Lead GM: Sue Lee

21 players


Sunday Evening


The Terminus

Officers of the Folly, code name “Falcon” (or “The ones that deal with weird shit”, as they are known within the force), were called to the Peppermint Bar, Mill Lane, Cardiff, after patrons and staff started being pestered by “Apparitions”. Not just see through floaty shapes but actual solid looking characters who could walk through walls. As this was unusual and fairly “interesting” the newly trained Practitioner Apprentices of the Cardiff force had their first real case to investigate.

Nightingale could have told them it’s never as simple as it seems.

After making contact with the ghosts, they realised the sudden appearance of such strong manifestations must be tied to something bigger and stronger.

It didn’t take much to pry information out of the new incumbents of the Peppermint Bar – which the Ghosts called The Terminus Hotel – and the biggest tip-off was that a Goblin Market was scheduled to be held there the following week, where some of the most powerful local deities had made it known they would be present.

Armed with as much information as they could dig up in such a short time, our three intrepid newbies have arrived at the Market still not sure what exactly they are facing. Movers and shakers of the Demi Monde, the new generation of Genii Locus (and a few mundane humans on a hen do who somehow wandered in), have gathered together to sort out a problem or maybe start a turf war.

Cardiff’s finest apprentice Wizards might be all that stand between peaceful resolution or total mayhem.

Set in the world of Ben Aaronovitch’s Rivers of London Series and written using the Chaosium RPG system. No previous knowledge of either the books or the system is required to play the game.

Lead GM: Fiona Lloyd

21 players