LARP -Bid Followup

The Submission Process Here’s what happens once you’ve filled out the submission form: The Submission Coordinator will be notified of your submission. The Submission Coordinator will read the information you’ve supplied. If there are any immediate questions, the Submission Coordinator will contact you, to work with you to clarify your submission. The Submission Coordinator notifies … Read more


Frequently Asked Submission Questions What is Continuum? Why would I want to run a game there? What kind of Gamers come to Continuum? What kind of Gamers are you looking for? Are you only looking for new games? What if I’ve never written a game before? What size games are you looking for? Are you … Read more

List of Freeforms for 2022

Continuum 2022 REGISTRATION IS NOW OPEN! At present, you can only sign up for a place in one game; a second slot for everyone will open up at 8pm on Tuesday 28 June, with any remaining slots being freely bookable from 6pm on Saturday 2 July. You will need to be logged in to your … Read more

LARPs & Freeforms

  This is a list of links from this page Bidding and Viewing LARPs LARP FAQ List of LARPS for 2022