The Curious Affair of Henrietta Blenkinsop: A Regency Romance

The Curious Affair of Henrietta Blenkinsop: A Regency Romance

Where & When: Room: , Slot: 8 (Sunday evening)
Min. Players: 16
Max. Players: 20
Male Characters: 7
Female Characters: 7
Gender-Neutral Characters: 6
Mature Themes: No
Player Led: No


August 12th, 1807. King George is indisposed by illness according to the papers, but the five Fennel sisters care not for such matters. Today their sister Henrietta married the Reverend Patrick Blenkinsop, and soon she will depart for a life as a country parson’s wife in Blo Norton, Norfolk.

Here at Wyke House the weather has been unseasonably inclement, but tonight the sisters keep hovering around the door, awaiting the crunch of carriage wheels upon the gravel. Tonight the wedding guests, and potential suitors come, and there will be talk of love and marriage and all manner of excitement! Who will be next to be betrothed?

A lighthearted Game of Not Quite Regency England, devoid of Cthulhu, Zombies, or other Supernatural shenanigans; being an entertainment by Mr. Jensen-Romer for a goodly company of persons of quality.