Yozarin’s Bandit Ducks

System: Runequest   (Tabletop RPG)
GM: [email protected]
Where & When: Room: Duck Point, Slot: 6. Sunday morning
Players: 4-4
Mature Themes: Yes
Player Led: Yes


You all belong to a non-human species: the accursed,
but proud Durulz. Humans and other ignorant beings
call you simply “Ducks”, and mock your short and
feathered appearance. However, you are so few in
numbers that most of the inhabitants of Glorantha just
ignore your existence. You look like anthropomorphic
ducks, think Howard the Duck. After the disastrous
consequences of Starbrow’s Rebellion, you all left your
homeland in south-western Sartar for different reasons.
You have endured many hardships since then and are
currently members of Yozarian’s bandit gang. You
have agreed to help him in his petty banditry, perhaps
for lack of better options, or perhaps as a means of
temporary refuge before you decide what to do or
where to go next.
Yozarian is a golden-tongued, charismatic veteran
bandit duck with a swaggering confidence. His looks
however, are quite pitiable: he has a wooden leg, and an
old scar-crack across his beak. Half the feathers in his
right arm are missing, exposing pink fles