What the Stones Conceal (Legends Walk)

What the Stones Conceal

System: Legends Walk   (Tabletop RPG)
GM: Purpledragonwitch
Where & When: Room: Treroose House, First Floor, Room 8, Slot: 3
Players: 2-4
PVP: Yes
Mature Themes: No
Player Led: Yes


The summer solstice has passed without incident. Or so you thought. An unexplained power surge has been detected at Stone Henge and your boss is reluctant to send in any of the usual teams that normally would investigate that kind of thing. You deal with dangerous artefacts and monsters not power surges. What is going on here? What are you not being told?

You are the sons and daughters of gods and all kinds of myths walk the nine realms. You stand as Section 13, Protectors of Britain. What will you be facing today?

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