Tower of Soot

System: Mausritter   (Tabletop RPG)
GM: Dragongirl74
Where & When: Room: KINGSPORT, Slot: 2- Friday evening
Players: 3-6
Mature Themes: No
Player Led: No


The Necrohamster has been captured by a young human and is rumoured to be stuck in a cage like a common gerbil! A gerbil! Now a wealthy widow from Brickport, is offering a reward to brave mice who can free him and deliver him to her so she can ask a question of her late husband. You’ll have to be quick though, the humans are packing up for the holiday, preparing to take the captive with them. You need to venture into th big bedroom of the manor above Brickport, then escape through the only exit: the chimney. Beware of the smoky fire that is about to go up in flames.