The Wild Hunt (Call of Cthulhu 7th Edition)

The Wild Hunt

System: Call of Cthulhu 7th Edition   (Tabletop RPG)
GM: stephaniemcalea
Where & When: Room: Treroose House, First Floor, Room 10, Slot: 3
Players: 4-6
Mature Themes: Yes
Player Led: No


There have been three murders thus far, two in Boston and one in New York. Each has made the news as both a fact that they are murders of relatively well-known members of society and some journalists have already begun to try to make their bones over the story. Newspaper owners have an interest in trying to make this as big of a phenomenon as Jack the Ripper, hoping to make record profits in the process.

Making journalists and editors alike salivate with excitement has been the apparent political angle to this. Of the three deceased individuals, two of them have been members of the American Irish diaspora, and both have been outspoken about Irish independence.

Is the third murder connected to their cause? Do the players dare to investigate unsavoury groups willing to murder to keep their secrets? And what of the strange creatures glimpsed in the dark near the murder scenes?

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