The Hidden Shrine

System: Bethorm   (Tabletop RPG)
GM: Nigel_Clarke
Where & When: Room: , Slot: 2
Players: 4-6
Mature Themes: Yes
Player Led: No


After the final sounds of the Tunkul gong echo through the temple the Ceremony of the Opening of the Dark ritual ends.

You notice a Priestess approaching your group. Motioning you to gather around she tells you that she has seen you attending the temple on a regular basis and believes you to be enthusiastic worshippers Ksarul). She relates a tale about finding some old dusty scrolls deep in the library of the temple and that they revealed to her the location of a long-lost temple of Ksarul.

She gathered provisions and water and set off. However nearing the supposed location she saw a raiding party of Ssu and, fearing for her life, fled back to the city. Relating the presence of the Ssu to both the Temple authorities and the Imperial Palace of the Realm (Town Hall) her tales of Ssu on the march were met with derision and dismissal. Now she is determined to be proved correct and is gathering a few devoted worshippers to aid her. She arranges to meet you two days hence outside the temple.

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