The Great Duck Point Boat Race

System: Homegrown   (Tabletop RPG)
GM: Jane Williams
Where & When: Room: Duck Point, Slot: 7. Sunday Afternoon
Players: 2-6
PVP: Yes
Mature Themes: No
Player Led: Yes


The infamous (they tell me) RPG using wargaming rules on a Snakes&Ladders board. You don’t need to know anything about Glorantha to join in, but for those who do: Duck Point, under the Lunar occupation. A Lunar trade route is up for grabs, and to prove yourself worthy, you have to take a barrel of important documents around a route that leads into and (we hope) out of the Upland Marsh. Do not get caught sabotaging your fellow competitors.
Of course, your real reason for entering may not be anything to do with the trade route. The Mostali have been known to use it to test experimental craft, it may be a means of attacking someone else, your boss may have entered you to get rid of you, some people see it as a means of showing off…
What’s never yet happened is anyone actually winning the race. They seem to sink, die, get distracted, disqualified for “cheating”…. So we’d better run it again.

(Note to organisers: while I’ve said “no preference”, I won’t be able to do evening slots.)