The Buzz Downstairs

System: Call of Catthulhu   (Tabletop RPG)
GM: Tressy
Where & When: Room: , Slot: 7
Players: 2-8
Mature Themes: No
Player Led: No


Welcome to the real world… the world in which human civilization exists
for the comfort of cats, in which incredibly ancient and powerful spirits
vie for control of reality, in which only brave and clever felines have the
wit and wherewithal to oppose grim and mystic cabals, and in which two-footed
people live in blissful ignorance of all of these facts.

It is 1920, or 1930, or whatever – you don’t care, you’re a cat. You live in or around Patterson Manor, where humans adore you or at least attract enough mice to keep you well-fed. One sunny spring day, strange things happen…

Fun game, suitable for beginners and young people. You play a cat – character sheets provided, characters made at the table (quick and easy, just see what kind of cat you want to be. Bringing cat pictures encouraged.). Rules- and dice-light. Cats don’t do maths.