Shimmering Aquatics (Cthulhu Farce Hot War)

Shimmering Aquatics

System: Cthulhu Farce Hot War   (Tabletop RPG)
GM: Marquis
Where & When: Room: Howard House, First Floor, Room 8, Slot: 8
Players: 6-6
PVP: Yes
Mature Themes: Yes
Player Led: Yes


Keen to put behind him the death of his brother and that unfortunate incident at the Hillingdon-Shaw estate last year (they apparently have to gag Sally poor thing as her constant screaming keeps the rest of the sanatorium awake at night!) Percy Woodhouse and his manservant Greaves have traveled to the South Pacific island of Pohnpei for a relaxing holiday.

There the pair run into Percy's Aunt Margret, missing since the Hillingdon-Shaw debacle and clearly up to no good! At her insistence Percy accepts an invitation for a private party on the yacht of American billionaire Anton Merriweather in order to meet his beautiful daughter Marion.

Now, miles from land and lost in the ocean near a point that the ship’s Captain fearfully calls "The Point of Inaccessibility" Percy is wishing that they had gone to Brighton instead!

This is a sequel to the scenario Luminous Trinkets.

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