Pendragon: Westeros (Pendragon)

Pendragon: Westeros

System: Pendragon   (Tabletop RPG)
GM: ravenpolar
Where & When: Room: , Slot:
Players: 2-5
Mature Themes: No
Player Led: No


Kings Landing is currently enjoying the stability of the new King, Robert Baratheon and as is now the norm, another tourney has been planned for this month. This is the sixth since Robert ascended the throne and while still popular with the populace, many knights are beginning to show fatigue at the monthly jousts and melee's. Younger knights are now seeing this as an opportunity to make a name for themselves, with less of the usual suspects attending this is a golden opportunity.
The problem is that someone is planning other activities for the tourney, activities that any person of good standing would find distasteful.

This is a game using the Pendragon system, set in Westeros or the world of Game of Thrones (aka A Song of Ice & Fire). Players will be young knights (or optionally squires), hoping to make a name for themselves and impress the Lords of Westeros.

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