Padlocks and Long Knives (7th Sea, 2nd edition)

Padlocks and Long Knives

System: 7th Sea, 2nd edition   (Tabletop RPG)
GM: Richard_Evans
Where & When: Room: Main Hall, Slot: 6
Players: 3-5
Mature Themes: No
Player Led: No


Gorgo’s presence confirms your worst fears as you look out from the cage your in. Fate has led you to Laster’s pirate band.

Laster, the self proclaimed Pirate Lord, who others call ‘The foul beast’. Rumour has it that his sudden infamy and rise has more to do with trafficking with dark powers than skill.

Gorgo is a well known lackey of his band. Not one of the upper council but high enough to be given a ship, and allowed loose to sate his anger, his ego and cruelty. Several of Gorgo’s minions have dragged a fellow captive into the square in front of you. A Castellian. It seems Gorgo’s appetites may be getting the best of him. Maybe now there will be an opening.

Sure your facing Gorgo, an exceptional knife fighter, his crew and pirates of this port and the ‘hag’ standing in the back, along with her young apprentice, who may or may not be a witch. But in your favour Laster himself isn’t here, the cages around you hold enough for a crew. The fool has also left your gear in a pile just out of reach.

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