Operation MHD (Everywhen (Setting – Red Venus))

Operation MHD

System: Everywhen (Setting - Red Venus)   (Tabletop RPG)
GM: Phil Garrad
Where & When: Room: Howard House, First Floor, Room 6, Slot: 4
Players: 3-5
Mature Themes: No
Player Led: No


At the close of WW2, Russian and American forces scrambled to secure the remains of the German V2 rocket program. An underground hangar at Peenemünde yielded an undreamed of breakthrough; a prototype V5 fission powered rocket. Both sides seized schematics of the V5, but the Russians made away with the actual engine.
The Space Race had begun.
Efficient, high-powered rocketry soon opened up the rest of the solar system. Venus and Mars were found to be habitable, after a fashion, and mining colonies from both superpowers probed the rocky depths of Mercury for fissionables. As the Cold War bled into the cold void of space, conflicts were sure to erupt…
Dr Dmitriyev Ruslanovich renowned Russian archaeologist and physicist, and alleged defector to the United States is enroute from the outer planets to Lincoln Station, when the spacecraft carrying him develops a fault. Your ship, Sokol, conveniently in the vicinity are to render all possible aid to the stricken ship and rescue your kidnapped comrade!

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