Murder on the Orient Express (Noir World (PbtA))

Murder on the Orient Express

System: Noir World (PbtA)   (Tabletop RPG)
GM: MartinP
Where & When: Room: Wighton House, Second Floor, Room 10, Slot: 3
Players: 3-5
Mature Themes: Yes
Player Led: Yes


The Simplon-Orient Express is travelling from Istanbul to Paris with a full complement of First Class passengers. It becomes stopped by a snow drift near Vincovci, and during the night an elderly American passenger, Samuel Ratchett, is murdered. As luck would have it the great Belgian detective Hercule Poirot is on board, and soon solves the case.

You are the remaining First Class passengers who are gathered together by the Belgian to reveal the murderer - who is all of you. Now it will be revealed how you killed him, and why.

Noir World is a rotating GM game of film-noir mystery, using the Apocalypse World system.

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