Monoliths and Moonshine

System: Realms Of Cthulhu [ Savage Worlds ]   (Tabletop RPG)
GM: Paul Lawrence
Where & When: Room: The Point, Slot: 2- Friday evening
Players: 4-6
Mature Themes: Yes
Player Led: No


It is 1938 and the Miskatonic University receives a disturbing telegram from one of their professors, Betty Harman, asking for immediate help in matters both baffling and bizarre. Since moving to South Carolina with her husband George (a painter of some renown), they have been ‘touched’ by a malevolence. Their new home is ‘surrounded by evil’, and it has begun to manifest in Betty’s photography and George’s paintings. The Miskatonic responds by sending its crack team of investigators, but when they get there, they find matters have taken a turn for the worse, George brutally murdered, and Betty missing……

Clark Gable as Prof. Charles ‘Chip’ Cassidy
Greta Garbo as Prof. Jacqueline ‘Flash’ Garmin
Spencer Tracy as Dr. Brian ‘Beezer’ Williams
Humphrey Bogart as Joe ‘Aces’ Rossi
Vivien Leigh as Dr. Theresa ‘Toots’ Montague
Errol Flynn as James ‘Buzz’ Moore

Tags: Pulp Horror, Ripping Yarns, The Mythos: Hollywood style.