Martha’s piglets

System: Custom - a quick-to-learn mish-mash of systems, built for fast pace   (Tabletop RPG)
GM: Jim Rowe
Where & When: Room: Main Hall, Slot: 6
Players: 3-4
PVP: Yes
Mature Themes: No
Player Led: No


This is a skirmish game which uses RPG as a flimsy excuse to get archaic fantasy figure tokens into combat on a large hex map with 2D terrain features. Having a DM means that unknowns and surprises can crop up during the game, making victory conditions more fluid and interesting. The system uses polyhedral dice and is easy to learn.

If you like intense character development and long sessions piecing together clues in the sorcerer’s library, this game is probably not for you.

If you like counting hexes, comparing lines of sight and optimising imaginary combat tactics, this might just be your cup of tea.

Martha’s piglets have escaped. Damn straight it’s not that simple.