Horror on the Trans-Atlantic Express

System: Realms Of Cthulhu   (Tabletop RPG)
GM: Paul Lawrence
Where & When: Room: ARKHAM, Slot: 7- Sunday afternoon
Players: 3-6
Mature Themes: Yes
Player Led: No


The inaugural journey upon Isambard Kingdom Brunel’s greatest achievement, the Trans-Atlantic Railway Crossing, was supposed to be one of great joy. Yet tragedy has befallen many of high society’s elite, bizarrely murdered by an unknown assassin. Fear not though, for help is now on hand, via dirigible, in the shape of those fearless fighters of the rum, uncanny and inexplicable: The Union Of Superlative Heroes !


Marquis Le Bat
Gentleman Mint
Empress Amazonia
Duchesse La Bat
Lord Wolverton
Flatiron Knight

Tags: Serial Killings, Steampunk, Puzzle Solving, Pulp Horror featuring steampunk versions of Marvel/DC superheroes

Note: This scenario features actual puzzling solving by the players using visual props. Failing to solve the puzzles will not block the scenario in any way, but will greatly increase the chance of the world being devoured.