System: Savage Worlds   (Tabletop RPG)
GM: Paul Lawrence
Where & When: Room: , Slot: 2
Players: 2-5
Mature Themes: Yes
Player Led: No


At midnight the reaped souls of the corrupted climb aboard the diabolical train ‘Hellpiercer’ for their final journey to Hell. Except for one soul – High Inquisitor Wilford. He has managed to extend his stay on Hellpiercer, opposing The Devils’ will. You struck up a deal with The Devil, and whether you were cheated, tricked or simply lost, you are now in His debt. Your task is simple, make sure Wilford gets off at the next stop tonight, otherwise it will be the last stop for you.

But the High Inquisitor has his own plans for you… aboard Hellpiercer, 666 cars long.

( Game themes: Weird West, Mature Themes, Zero chance of PvP, Minis, Floorplans )

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