Glorantha: The Gods War (8-player version)

System: Gloranthan: The Gods War   (Tabletop RPG)
GM: kvetner
Where & When: Room: Pavis, Slot: 2. Friday evening
Players: 4-8
Mature Themes: No
Player Led: No


I’ll be bringing my copy of the Glorantha: The Gods War boardgame, with all the expansions, in the hope of getting a full 8-player session. Take the role of a mythic faction vying for power as Chaos invades the cosmos. Massive miniatures, asymmetric game-play – no knowledge of Glorantha is needed to play, but it does make it more fun. If you haven’t played before then reading either the quick rules ( or the full rules ( beforehand will probably save some time. If you have your own copy of the rules and bring that along, that is also helpful.