Gaddoc Rail (Blades in the Dark)

Gaddoc Rail

System: Blades in the Dark   (Tabletop RPG)
GM: GuyMilner1
Where & When: Room: Main Hall, Slot: 6
Players: 3-6
Mature Themes: Yes
Player Led: Yes


The northbound Argonaut from Wintercliff clattered into Gaddoc Rail Station, its cattle catcher ablaze with electroplasmic lightning. On it was your mark. Nobody left the station after it pulled in…No one has left the station since.

Blades in the Dark is a player-led game of exciting heists set in Doskval, a grimdark steampunk fantasy city where heaven and hell are just a dirty shiv in the kidneys away. You'll pull off a daring heist with semi-pregenned characters, attempt to lie low and recover, and then try and capitalize on your gains ... or make good on the mess you've made.

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