From Transylvania With Love (Night’s Black Agents)

From Transylvania With Love

System: Night's Black Agents   (Tabletop RPG)
GM: Dave Elrick
Where & When: Room: Wighton House, First Floor, Room 8, Slot: 7
Players: 3-5
Mature Themes: No
Player Led: No


1963. Vampires are real. After Dracula's abortive attack on the UK in the 1890's MI6 and other intelligence agencies have been on the look-out for other vampires trying to spread their influence. Meanwhile, in Eastern Europe, the secret Soviet department SMERSH tries to control the vampires trapped in Transylvania and seeks to use them to attack the West.

Now word has come from MI6's man in Istanbul that an elder vampire has 'escaped' from behind the iron curtain and may be trying to reach Paris or London. Did she escape, or is this another plot by SMERSH?

A mix of James Bond and Bram Stoker. From Istanbul to the famous Orient Express racing across Europe, can you stop the vampire?

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