Electric Dreams – Part 1

System: Year Zero Engine   (Tabletop RPG)
GM: jkennon
Where & When: Room: INNSMOUTH, Slot: 3- Saturday morning
Players: 2-4
Mature Themes: Yes
Player Led: No


Electric Dreams : Part 1
System : Year Zero engine / Blade Runner RPG
Players : 2-4 (pre-generated characters will be provided)

Los Angeles, 2037. Toxic rain, neon and noir.
The world is dying, and for years the Off-World colonies have offered the only escape.
Now, Wallace Corp promises hope, that things can be better.
It’s a year since the launch of their Nexus-9 series.
Last night a Blade Runner was killed, a colleague.
Detectives of the Rep-Detect Unit will be faced with their toughest case yet.

Note for players : This is the Case File included in the BR starter set. From play-testing, I expect this to run for 5-7 hours, so it will take place over two slots at Continuum. If you sign up for the first slot, we will hope/expect to see you in the second slot later on Saturday 🙂

N.B. : Players *need* to have seen both Blade Runner movies (to save a lot of explanation !)

Advisory : Mature themes in line with the Blade Runner setting (violence, death, trauma, sleaze, endangerment)