All That Glitters

System: Agon 2e (Mythical Greek Heroics)   (Tabletop RPG)
GM: j0rdi
Where & When: Room: CARCOSA, Slot: 6-Sunday morning
Players: 3-4
Mature Themes: No
Player Led: Yes


Cursed by the gods and flung into uncharted waters, you must regain their favour and find your way home. Weeks have passed, supplies run low and tempers high, when off in the distance you see a speck on the horizon. Salvation? Or destruction? There’s scant time to consider, as the pitch black clouds gather overhead, heavy rain pelts the deck, and the wine-dark sea roils angrily beneath your ship. You hear the boards creak and the mast groan under the strain as your world tilts. The gods will not let your life be an easy one, it seems. What now, brave hero?

Concept: Introductory one-shot to Mythic Heroism in a fictional ‘Greek’ world.
Aim: Play as Epic Heroes with a narrative focus in co-operative but competitive game set on the island of Nimos (an adventure from the Agon 2e corebook).
Tone: The Odyssey, ‘Swords and Sandals’, Jason & the Argonauts, PEGI 15.
Subject Matter/Safety Tools: Murder, Violence, Heresy, Cults. Lines & Veils, X-Card.