Who’s Who at Continuum

Keary Birch

Committee: Finance Officer, RPG Czar


Keary has been playing roleplaying games since the late ‘70s which when you think about it is last millennium and has been attending conventions since then (his first one being Games Day when it was at the Horticultural Halls in Victoria, London). In keeping with this year’s theme of British talent Keary contributed to Cthulhu Britannica – King by Cubical 7, Zombies 2 (Zombie Corp(se)), and has had a number of articles in Valkyrie and The Whisperer. He was also one of the early members of the late and much lamented Kult of Keepers.

He has now moved from the “time but no money slot” in a gamer’s life to the “money but no time slot”. He is hoping to eventual make it to the “time and money slot”, but is not holding his breath.

Keary is responsible for: Tabletop games, and financial stuff

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Colin Driver

Committee: Timetable, Seminars and Events

Colin has been on the Continuum committee since 2004 but his passion for fantasy fiction goes back to his first reading of the Narnia series in the mid-60s. He’s also always been interested in painting and cartography, the latter of which he regularly provides seminars on at the convention. Recent works include “Mythic Britain” (The Design Mechanism), “King of Sartar” (Moon Design) and “The Coming Storm” (Chaosium). Other highlights include maps for Pete Nash’s Silver Ennie award winning “Rome” and being part of the Moon Design team on “The Guide to Glorantha”, winner of the 2015 “Diana Jones Award” and a silver Ennie in cartography. Colin’s contribution amounted to mapping all of Glorantha, which made the bulk of the “Argan Argar Atlas” and over 180 pages of maps and illustrations in the Guide itself.

He’s now retiring to pursue these interests full-time. Often jokingly discussing an old people’s home for RPG players, he’s now taking it into serious consideration…

Colin is responsible for: Events and Seminars

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Chris “Wolfe” Jones
Committee: Freeform Tsar



Chris tried doing this biog in Traveller, but he died in character creation. He then tried Cthulhu, but he went mad and died. Then came Aftermath, but he ended up eating himself a bit at a time to stay alive … and died. Next came RQ II but he got lost in the third verse of the Stormbull chant and hasn’t been seen since.

So, finally, we present Sir Ulfric, valiant knight of the shining dome and freeform Point of Contact.

Sir Ulfric (Old Knight)

SIZ 16, DEX 8, STR 12, CON 11, APP 12 Glory 2,533 (Identify Bonus: +2 ) Move 3 (Actually he’s quite fast for a fat guy) Unconscious 6 (or after several pints)

Combat Skills: Lance 5, Sword 16, Dagger 9, Spear 9, Battle 18, Horsemanship 16

Skills: Awareness 16, Courtesy 16, Flirting 20, Hunting 17, Arm-wrestle 15

Traits: Valorous 17

Passions: Loyalty(Con.) 16

Armour: Norman Chainmail + Shield

Family Characteristic: Born to bull sh*t

Chris is responsible for: Freeforms

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Julia Rawcliffe

Committee: Committee Chair, Communications Officer, Nerd Herder


Julia is in fact German, but has attended every Convulsions/Continuum convention since 1992 (when she was 3). This is now her fourth term on the Committee as Continuum’s “people person”, and the first time she has ever been the Chairman of anything. When she isn’t doing this, Julia is a freelance German to/from English translator for RPGs and other games. When she isn’t doing that, she can also occasionally be found at other conventions volunteering at the Chaosium booth. When she isn’t doing any of that other stuff, she is probably creating/crafting/making something weird and geeky – or asleep. 

Despite being proudly counted as one of the Gloranthan tribe, Julia would be up for playing or running any RPG system or setting at least once – if she could find the time. She also wins at board games and does horrifyingly badly in freeforms, so she mostly just writes them now.

Julia is responsible for: Registrations, Queries, Outreach, and is the Committee chair

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Alison Rider-Hill

Committee: University Liaison

Alison’s gaming is primarily freeforming, both playing, and writing and running games but she has also been known to roll dice and fail rolls and die spectacularly!

As part of the Continuum Committee, she is the primary point of contact with the University so please speak to her about anything to do with the University and its facilities.

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