Bring and Buy

Want to sell some of your stuff because your shelves are running out of space?

Have your shelves run out of space ages ago, but you still want more stuff?

One way or another, the Continuum Bring & Buy has got you covered.

The Continuum Bring & Buy will be located in the Trade Hall and open on the Saturday the 13th and Sunday 14th of August between 10am and 6.30pm.

The Bring & Buy is cash-only and is staffed by our very hardworking volunteers.

Selling Your Stuff in the Bring & Buy:

1. We will accept any items that are related to the gaming hobby including: RPGs, books, board games, miniatures, comic books, dice, dvds, apparel, self-made items, collectables etc.

2. We will not accept any items that are: broken, soiled, perishable, hazardous, illegal, pornographic, incomplete (unless labeled as such) or bootlegged.

3. Continuum takes a 15% cut of the total selling price of all items sold in the Bring & Buy by any one seller, rounded up to the nearest pound. The donated money goes towards funding future Continuum conventions.

4. Any unsold items and earned money must be collected by 6.30pm on Sunday or 10am on Monday at the latest. Any uncollected items/money will be considered to be a donation to Continuum. Money will only be handed out to the seller as a lump sum in the presence of a Committee member in return for a signature upon the collection of all unsold items.

5. Any seller that wishes to sell more than three items via the Bring & Buy must register and label their items before turning them over to the Committee (see Point 6). Any seller that wishes to sell 3 items or fewer can turn these over to the Committee, who will register and label the items for them.

6. To register their items, the seller needs to fill out and print a registration sheet and price labels (examples below). Both sheet and labels need to contain the seller ID code, which consists of the sellers initials and the number of items that they are trying to sell. Price labels need to contain the ID code, the number of the item on the sheet and also the price of said item.

Example: Harvey Walters is trying to sell 3 books. His sellers ID therefore is HW03. The second book on his list is the Necronomicon. The price label reads: ID: HW03-2 £ 5.

7. All labels must be affixed in a way that does not damage the item, either by tying a tag to it or by using removable document tape. Previously used boxes should not be taped shut, as the buyers must be able to examine the contents of the box prior to buying. The Committee will provide document tape for anybody who wishes to label their items on the day.

8. Items that are turned over to the Committee fully labeled with a filled in registration sheet by 8pm on Friday night get first dibs on table space at the Bring & Buy stall on Saturday morning.


Bring and Buy Sheets coming soon

C18 B&B Price Labels in docx format

C18 B&B Registration Sheet in docx format

C18 B&B Price Labels in pdf format

C18 B&B Registration Sheet in pdf format