Sunday Agenda

Stuff about Sunday.

This is the list of games that are being run this year during Sunday:

Slot: 6 Sunday Morning

GM: Simon Beaver

The Unfortunate Legacy of Josiah Goodleigh

System: Stiff Upper Lip (Fate)


Josiah Goodleigh was an industrialist and philanthropist, who tragically died recently. He left behind a daughter, Emily, who is the sole heir to his sizeable fortune. Unfortunately, the legacy is not without its troubles. The patents to the two inventions which formed the basis of Josiah’s fortunes are being challenged in the courts, while rumours come of trouble being stirred up in the Goodleigh mills.

The dark mastermind behind all these misfortunes is Sir Jasper Malevolent, who has designs on both Josiah’s wealth and his daughter. Fortunately for Emily, her father foresaw the perils that would face her and has made provision for her protection. His will appoints several old friends to act as trustees of his legacy and to be responsible its administration and the protection of his daughter.

As those trustees, the players must thwart the evil schemes of Sir Jasper, secure Josiah’s legacy for his daughter, and save young Emily from a fate worse than death.

Stiff Upper Lip is my own variant of the popular Fate system. Stiff Upper Lip takes Fate and gets it to stand up straight, stop slouching and generally become a game system of which Nanny would be proud. It adapts Fate for the genre of British Empire fiction, made famous by writers such as Arthur Conan Doyle, Rider Haggard and Sax Rohmer.

Number of Players: 6

GM: Matt Sanderson

Bethmoora Awakes

System: Call of Cthulhu 7th Ed (Dreamlands)


Strangers, living ordinary lives, inexplicably find themselves floating down a dark river into an underground cave. Their memories are fragmented, they’ve seen and heard some odd things, and strange items are seemingly left for them where they have arrived. That’s as much as they know for sure. Where are they? Why are they here? What do they do now? An adventure set in Lord Dunsany’s Dreamlands.

Number of Players: 6

GM: Glen Blyth

Title: La Mort de Louis

System: All For One (Savage Worlds)


It is the year 1625 in Paris and King Louis XIII rules at a troubling time, discontent festers in the City, spies lurk in the shadows and Spanish troops are never far from French soil. The citizens chafe under their yoke, fearful of the night as strange terrors stalk the land and talk of revolt albeit in whispers. Luckily for Louis he is protected by the famous King’s Musketeers, not least of which are the famous quartet; the charming Aramis, implacable Athos, colossal Porthos and audacious d’Artagnan. Today however they face their greatest challenge, for today is the day that Louis is foretold to die.

“Never fear quarrels, but seek hazardous adventures.” ― Alexandre Dumas

Number of Players: 4

Tags: Swashbuckling, Duels, Supernatural, Horror, Intrigue, Dumas!

GM: Baz Stevens

Title: Time After Time

System: Icons


The future isn’t what anybody expected it to be. Except the vile Tempus Khan! He has ground the whole world under his villainous heel and now no-one can stop him or his robot minions. But the gods of time and fate have a funny way of rebalancing the cosmic scales, when they can find suitable heroes of course. Can you change the dystopian future into a utopian present? With great power comes great responsibility.
Icons is rules light Supers gaming, loosely based on the Fate system. Newbs welcomed, old hands too. Suitable for all ages.

Number of Players: 4

GM: Graham Spearing

The Toast of the Town
A Uresia: Grave of Heaven Adventure

System: Wordplay 2

The town looks peaceful enough, but there’s a pillar of smoke from last night’s fire, burned corpses from the wreckage, and a demon strung up against the church in the market square. Dolemon Drake, a local hero, gives the call to all brave souls to join him in eradicating the devilish creatures infesting the sewers. Will our heroes join in Drake’s noble fight?

Number of Players:

 GM: Anthony Lee-Dudley

Title: The Wild Geas

System: Cold War (World War Cthulhu)


 Democratic Republic of the Congo 1964

The township of Kano in the Equateur region of the Democratic Republic of the Congo is a mass of hidden agendas and adversarial factions. Nations and corporations fight proxy battles using local groups as pawns.

The Commonwealth Mining Company, a British company looking at the potential mining possibilities in the area, has requested assistance from HM Government, and SIS has agreed to put some assets into play.

Section 46 are also interested in the area, though for slightly different reasons.

Ancient superstitions, warring factions and politics, what could possibly go wrong?

Number of Players: 4 – 6

GM: Ben Quant

Title: Saving SoulsRest

System: Everway

Slot: 4 Sunday Morning

The council of SoulsRest has regularly traded with the realm of Breathstone for the precious mineral from which it gets its name. This is vital for the ongoing prosperity of SoulsRest, forming a key component in their fertility rites. Over the last couple of years they have been aware of unrest there, but as the stones continued to be made available they turned a blind eye to it. This last year, however, has been disastrous. Only a handful of new children have been born in SoulsRest. Rather than sending traders when the gate next opens, the leaders of SoulsRest have decided to gather together a group of spherewalkers of stature to investigate what’s going on. Can you and your companions secure the future for SoulsRest before the gate closes again for another year?…
Everway is an unusual rpg. Set in a sphere-hopping world, characters are designed using art cards for inspiration and a few basic stats. Diceless, it relies on a combination of stat comparison, plot and interpretation of the ‘drama deck’ of cards to determine the outcome of actions. Rules-lite, the only requirement of the players is a willingness to get involved in this process – a process I take a very collaborative approach to.
No prior knowledge of the system is required.
Number of Players: 4

GM: Andrew Jones

Title: The Pyramids of Oadby

System: Runequest 6/ Mythras/ Luther Arkwright

Slot: 6 Sunday Morning

Something has gone wrong in the parallels- no parallel before has discovered Richard III’s bones in 1986 and reported ancient Egyptians in the streets of Oadby. For the first time ever, WOTAN is worried about Leicester. A science fiction game set in the universe of Bryan Talbot’s Luther Arkwright. (No setting knowledge required)
No. of Players:  Up to 4

GM: Scott Dorward

Title: William Shakespeare’s ‘The King in Yellow’ presents The Tempest

System: Lamentations of the Flame Princess

Slot: 6 Sunday Morning


Prospero, erstwhile Duke of Milan, has been stranded on a remote island for many years. Here he has raised his daughter, Miranda, assisted by the loyal spirit Ariel and his brutish and rebellious slave Caliban. Over time, Prospero has hatched a plan, using magic to draw those who betrayed him to the island using a sorcerous tempest. Once they are in his clutches, he will put everything right, building a new life for Miranda and restoring himself to his rightful position.

Something has gone wrong. The storm has not brought the bounty that Prospero expected, bearing nightmares and unwanted revelations instead. Who amongst them will survive, identity intact, when strange winds blow in from Carcosa?

Number of Players: 4 (Adults Only)

GM: Tim Partidge

Title: Cerulean Spa

System: tremulus

Slot: 6 Sunday Morning


In need of a pick-me-up? Come visit our exclusive spa where the naturally radioactive waters will reinvigorate you. Our crystal clear blue water contains Radium, the miracle element hailed by doctors as the cure for many conditions. The warm 68 degree spring was for centuries a closely guarded secret of the local indians. Was this the legendary fountain of youth that Juan Ponce de León never found?

Our new 18 hole golf course is opening soon. Come and join us June 23 for the celebrations!

This scenario has been run at various conventions during 2015

Equipment: Please bring something to write with and 2d6. Characters will be provided

Prior Experience: None Required

Number of players:  2 – 5

GM: Ian Sandford

Tomb of the Ghast Queen

System: D&D 5th

Slot:6 Sunday Morning


“The Running Man meets The Warriors”. Convicted for treason against the Ghast Queen, the evil tyrant ruling the land, the PCs are imprisoned for life with hard labour. There is only way out, to win the annual “Run the Gauntlet”, a dungeon treasure hunt and fight to the death against three other gangs. And the PCs have just been volunteered. Please note – as it is a 3 hour slot please arrive as early as possible. I will be at the table from 9am.

Number of Players: 5

GM: SteveHatherley

Title: In Whom We Trust

System: Call of Cthulhu 6th Ed

Slot: 6 Sunday Morning

Set in 1938, it concerns the fate of the Haswell Expedition in the Amazon jungle. It is a trip that few are likely to survive…
Not recommended for arachnaphobes.
Number of Players: 5 or 6

GM: Tim Gray

Title: The Promised Land

System: Symbaroum

Slot: 6 Sunday Morning

You meet around the campfire, waiting to make the perilous journey from the ruin of the old realm to the new lands over the mountains.
Symbaroum is a new fantasy RPG from Sweden, broodingly atmospheric with great art and a light trad-ish system. This is the starter adventure from the book, designed to give a simple taster.
Number of Players: Up to 5

Slot: 7 Sunday Afternoon

GM: Lynne Hardy

Scritch Scratch

System: Call of Cthulhu 6e

Slot: 7 Sunday Afternoon

Description: The village of Muscoby, buried deep in the English countryside, is undergoing a programme of gentrification to reel in some much needed tourist income. However, there happens to be something of a blot on the landscape in the form of the local rat catcher’s cottage. A specialist clean up crew has been dispatched by the local council and, with a reality TV camera crew in tow, their job is to spruce the place up and make it presentable once more. How hard can that be…
Prior Experience: None required
Equipment: Please bring your own dice. Pregenerated characters will be provided
Number of players: 5

GM: Nigel Clarke

The Secret of Khazad-Dum

System: The One Ring


“It’s late Spring in 2951 of the Third Age, Erebor has recovered from the depredations of Smaug the Terrible and Thain II has ordered Dwarven scribes to find out what is known in the archives of Erebor about Moria and has sent a small advance party to investigate the situation in the Vales of the Anduin.”

Suitable for players new to the One Ring system, no canon knowledge required.

Number of Players: Up to 6

GM: Stephanie McAlea

Immortal with a Kiss (Bladerunner)

System: BRP (Modified)


When a prominent scientist is murdered, her killer seems to leave behind a token of love which contradicts the savagery of her death.  Clues lead the L.A.P.D. to suspect there may be yet more murders and that a Replicant is involved.

Number of Players: 6

GM: Robin Poole

Title: The Warren

System: The Warren


The Warren is a tabletop role-playing game about intelligent rabbits trying to make the best of a world filled with hazards, predators and, worst of all, other rabbits. It is a game about survival and community.


This game takes inspiration from classic rabbit tales such as Watership Down, Fifteen Rabbits, and Peter Rabbit. It uses a heavily-modified version of the game mechanics from Vincent Baker’s Apocalypse World.


There are many creatures, humans included, that are bigger, stronger, meaner, or more numerous than rabbits. The seasons and the elements do not care that rabbits are only little things. Rabbits cannot hope to meet these threats head on. Only through speed, wits, and keeping a cool head can rabbits bypass the dangers of the outside world.


Number of Players : 4

GM: Guy Milner

Pagoda of Doom!

System: Feng Shui 2


China, 69 AD. Word comes to the court that the General in the North, Hang Len, has fallen – and that an enormous iron pagoda now sits atop the bleakest peak of the mountains. From it, armies of steel demons emerge, crushing all who stand before them. Only China’s greatest heroes can face the steel demons, wind dragons, and inscrutable eunuch sorcerers to conquer the PAGODA OF DOOM and restore the North to the Empress’ rule. But they each carry with them a dark secret that may yet be their undoing! An adventure for up to 6 players using Feng Shui 2. Feng Shui 2 is the latest incarnation of the staggeringly influential action movie RPG of the mid-90s. Expect nonsensical chop-socky Wuxia action and poorly dubbed melodrama.

Number of Players: 6

GM: Julian Hayley

Title: Nebin Pendlebrook’s Perilous Pantry

System: Dungeon Crawl Classics (DCC)


The tiny village of Bitterweed Barrow is unaccustomed to mysterious tunnels, missing halflings, or the need for brave adventurers, but now it has all three!
Can a band of gong-farmers and shoe-cobblers muster the courage to decend into the darkness and confront the terror that waits beyond Nebin Pendlebrook’s unexpectedly perilous pantry?
BIG NOTE:  the publisher of this game and other independently produced DCC scenarios, Jon Marr of Purple Sorcerer Games has kindly offered through Julian anyone who signs up to play this slot can if the give their email addresses for their RPGnow accounts and have a free pdf to download of his adventure Perils of the Sunken City.
Number of Players: 4 – 5

GM: James Boldock

Title: Rescue at Glare Peak

System: Star Wars: Age of Rebellion


It is a time of civil war. The Rebel Alliance has scored its major victory against the Galactic Empire by destroying the fearsome Death Star. Chased from their once-secret base on Yavin 4,the top Rebel commanders are on the move, one step ahead of Imperial pursues.

On the planet Trivar II, a new Rebel resistance group must save agents of the main Alliance Fleet from Imperial forces before DARTH VADER arrives . Capture and interrogation could reveal the secret movements of the Fleet and Rebel High Command, endangering the Rebellion itself…

No. Of Players: 4

GM: Eugene Doherty

Equestrian Sirloin Red

System: The Laundry

Slot: 7 Sunday Afternoon


“Twinkle, twinkle, little horse

Do I love you?

Yes, of course”

Unicorns, the stuff of legends and latterly kids’ TV, but there’s no such thing in the 21st century, or is there? When a report comes in of a unicorn sighting in Kent, it’s up to your team from the Laundry to investigate. Odd and spooky is what the Laundry does best and, sure, after all, if it is a unicorn, that’s just a sparkly horse with a pointed head, how dangerous can it be? (based on the novella by Charles Stross)

Number of players: 4-6

GM: Chris Payne

Title: Veronica’s Veil

System: Pendragon

Slot: 7 Sunday Afternoon

A relic (part of Veronica’s Veil) has been stolen by an eloping Monk and nun and believed to have been sold. Knights are sent to retrieve the object. The problem will be persuading the new owners to part with it (faeries) and getting it back home safely as the knights venture into the unknown beyond Hadrian’s Wall.
No. of Players:  Up to 6

GM: Glyn White

England 1820: A Theatre for Slaves, Cowards, and Despots

System: BRP (ish)

Slot: 7 Sunday Afternoon


London 1820: In the wake of the outrage against the people of Manchester – the Peterloo Massacre – down-at-heel radicals gather and plot some way to avenge their innocent countrymen. The fate of traitors or future glory awaits in ways they cannot begin to forsee.

Keywords: Regency, political assassination, London, Newgate, history rewritten

Number of Players: 5

Slot: 8 Sunday Evening

GM: Matt Sanderson


System: World War Cthulhu: Cold War


July 1974. A little after midnight, two SIS agents in the eastern Mediterranean dropped dead at the same time. The common denominator: both were listening to a coded short wave radio transmission relaying instructions to them. SIS fear that their Numbers Station in RAF Akrotiri , Cyprus , which was used to transmit the signal has been compromised. N believes this is something stranger than a Soviet attack. The investigators are being sent to the airbase to discover the truth as international relations between Cyprus and Turkey take a turn for the worse.

Number of Players: 6

GM: Paul Lawrence

Tales of the Uncanny Rum

System: Savage Worlds Lankhmar


Lankhmar, City Of Thieves; and last night your group butchered some of their number. Not clever, as ‘City Of Thieves’ implies they may have a Guild. They do, it’s huge, and now there is a large bounty on your heads.

Last night, your group were out on a Rum Tour in the shady area known as the Plaza Of Dark Delights. You seem to remember rolling home without any incident.  Time to find out the truth, before the bounty hunters find you.

You could drink a murder…

Number of Players: 4

GM: Ben Quant

Title: The Adventure of the Fenland Murder, a Winter’s Whodunnit

System: Pendragon

Slot: 8 Sunday Evening


A harsh winter has beset the Fens causing the player knights to be stranded in the village of Whittlesea. Still all is not lost, recompense is found by the roaring fire of the local tavern where the Christmas celebrations have continued after the feast itself. The one morning a body is found…

Number of Players: 4

GM: Damon Warr

Title: The Adventure of the Legacy (or Escape from Dunwich)

System: King Arthur Pendragon

Slot: 8

Her Ye! Hear Ye! The Lord on Dunwich has died (his ship lost to storms) and a tournament is to be held to find the new Lord of Dunwich. Only noble Knights of Saxon descent may compete. “This is a unique opportunity for a young Knight to become a Lord, with his own Castle and retinue.” What’s more an invitation has arrived by messenger to you.
No. of Players: