Saturday Agenda

Stuff about Saturday

This is the list of games that are being run this year on Saturday:


Slot: 3 Saturday Morning

Welcome to the Empire of Steam

System: Cogs, Cakes and Swordsticks

Slot: 3 Saturday Morning

Description: Join us in the Empire of Steam for one of our small (but perfectly formed) games. Your group has the choice of becoming the crew of a ship (sailing, flying – anything you like!) or a gang of daring jewel thieves planning a big heist. Alternatively, you could create your very own characters from scratch and take them for a whirl! The sky’s the limit…
Prior Experience: None required
Equipment: None (will be provided)
Number of players: 4-6

GM: Paul Lawrence

Horror On The Trans-Atlantic Express

System: Realms of Cthulhu


The inaugural journey upon Isambard Kingdom Brunel’s greatest achievement, the Trans-Atlantic Railway Crossing, was supposed to be one of great joy. Yet tragedy has befallen many of high society’s elite, bizarrely murdered by an unknown assassin. The train stops mid-ocean at the Atlantic Station. Fear not though, for help Is now on hand, via dirigible, in the shape of those fearless fighters of the rum, uncanny and inexplicable:  The Union Of Superlative Heroes !


Marquis Le Bat

Gentleman Mint

Empress Amazonia

Duchesse La Bat

Lord Wolverton

Flatiron Knight

A Realms Of Cthulhu Steampunk Scenario, no system knowledge required.

Number of Players: 6

GM: Paul Mitchener

Hurry Home to Me

System: Starfall


In 1951, the great beetle-like Scarabs came to Earth and conquered, enslaving and destroying. Now, a year later, the Alliance Earth Organisation (AEO) leads the resistance against the Scarabs, coordinating the efforts of the few unconquered nations.

In this scenario, the player characters are AEO operatives sent to the ruins of London to find a crashed Scarab saucer and learn what they can. The saucer stands out from other Scarab vessels as it was shot down not by the forces defending Britain, but by another Scarab spacecraft. Could the Scarab conquerors be starting to fight amongst themselves?

Number of Players: 4

GM: Baz Stevens

Title: The Dire Straits

System: 13th Age


Drakkenhall, city of monsters, ruled by dragons, is in full celebration mode. The Monstrous Moon March takes place at 13 o’clock tonight, just as the gigantic Koru Behemoth hits the sea on it’s annual migration path. Tonight there will be no laws or reprisals, just sheer revelry to kick off another glorious year of mayhem.
You have been assigned as Imperial observers, but the Occultist has forseen dangerous hours ahead. Can you get through to dawn unscathed? Can Drakkenhall?
13th Age is a fantasy gaming blend with the inventive narrative of indie, and the rigorous rules of d20. Newbs welcomed, old hands too.

Number of Players: 4

GM: Jane Williams

Title: The Great Duck Point Boat Race

System: Home Grown, very rules-lite


I’m told this is a classic, but infamous might be fairer. No previous knowledge of anything needed. A roleplaying game on a Gloranthan snakes and ladders board using wargaming rules. Design your boat and crew, then race around the undead-ridden Upland Marsh to win a monopoly on a Lunar trade route, doing your best to dispose of the opposition on the way, without the Governor’s Wife catching you cheating. Hint: no-one has ever yet won this race, but they’ve destroyed the town twice. There will be silly miniatures, bad puns, stupid accents, and references to Oxford/Cambridge and Asterix.

Number of players: 6

GM: John Ossoway


aka Two Droids For Sister Sura

System: Edge of the Empire
The galaxy is in turmoil.
In the wake of the Battle of Yavin, the Empire struggles to maintain its grip on power in the midst of bloody civil war.
On the edge of the Empire, bands of scoundrels and smugglers, bounty hunters and bandits, explorers and exiles all scramble to make a living. You are one such group – the crew of the freelance freighter Good Omens.
An “Imperial entanglement” has left you trying to keep a low profile on Ord Mantell while you make repairs to your ship. A chance encounter with an old friend in need of help quickly escalates out of control, leading you on a treasure hunt that brings you into confrontation with a local crime lord, rebel sympathisers and imperial forces. The question is – who will secure the ultimate prize: the fabled Elemental Goddess?
Number of Players: 4
Tags: Star Wars, ABY+1, Space Opera, Swashbuckling, Scoundrels and Scruffy-Looking Nerf Herders vs the Empire, Firefly, Gungan-free.

GM: David Maple

Gods and Monsters

System: Fate


It is a time of legend, humanity is still struggling to find it’s way in a world that is still taking shape. While proud of the advances they have made fashioning tools and taming fire, they still hide behind their walls at night fearful of the wild places and creatures outside.
But you do not suffer the same fears for you are immortal, a fragment of the All-mind from the dawn of creation, a god. While you manifest in humanlike bodies with humanlike minds, your psyche determines your form, warping it to match your demeanor. What’s more the world is still young enough to be molded to your whims and the will of other immortal beings like yourself.
How will you shape this world, and the lives of those in it? What tale will the humans tell of you huddled round their campfires, will you be a god they worship and praise, or one they fear and offer sacrifices to appease? Will you control the power of your own psyche, or will the shear power of it control you turning you into a Monster?
Number of Players: 4 (ish)

GM: Anthony Lee-Dudley

Title: The Dead Men There Are Waiting

System: 7th Ed (WWI)


 June 5 1917 – British 2nd Army Transport Hub. Just outside of Ypres, Belgium.

Mud. Sweat. Darkness. Hunger. The Four Horsemen of your own personal Apocalypse, less glamorous than the more commonly recognised four, but considerably less fatal too.

Not that your battles have been easy. Tunnelling through the London clay of West Flanders is back-

breaking work; the never-ending toil punctuated with brief, terrifying subterranean battles with your German counterparts. Shocking in their suddenness, the violent encounters always end in the same explosive way; the dull thump of a Camoflet, followed by the Stygian darkness reclaiming the spaces beneath the earth. Keeping for itself the bodies of the dead and the souls of the unfortunate few left trapped below.

You sit with your fellow enlisted men, listening to the constant thunder of the British guns and wonder what today will bring.

Number of Players: 4 – 6

GM: Nick Davison

Title: South England Anomalies

System: Primeval

Slot: 3 Saturday Morning


The truth? You can’t handle the truth.

Anamolies are appearing all over the South East of England. Dinosaurs are emerging from wormholes which appear as free-floating, shimmering, snowflakes of lights.

The Anamoly Research Institute team (ARI) is successfully returning creatures through the portals while minimising casualties and public exposure. The release of Jurassic World and the opening of new dinosaur attractions in Kent have helped cover-up the truth.

But why is this happening and can it be stopped?

Number of Players: 5

GM: Chris Payne

Title: The Challenge of the Tattooed Princess

System: Pendragon

Slot: 3 Saturday Morning

A wealthy tiny kingdom seeks a groom for one of their princesses. Tradition says that he must come from outside the clan and be the winner in a series of challenges. The problems? Well, this is a matriarchial society of tattoed warriors with rumours that they sacrifice shipwrecked sailors to dark gods.
No. of Players:  Up to 6

GM: Frederico Ezequiel Sohns

Title: The Princess and the Oracle

System: Nibiru

Slots: 3 Saturday Evening


Welcome to Nibiru: a huge space station, home to millions, where stories of mystery, horror, drama and struggle are written on a daily basis. The characters play the role of Vagabonds; people that awake with no memories of their pasts. However, they will soon discover that their forgotten memories hold more significance than they could imagine, and that the key to their past lies in securing their future. Nibiru uses a novelty system that builds your character as you recover your lost memories. It is designed to put your story first, and to help you and your fellow players tell tales of self-discovery set in an unusual and wondrous sci-fi setting full of mysteries and opportunities for adventure.

Players: 3-4

GM: Simon Burley

Title: Falcon’s Peak

System: The Black Hack

Slot: 3 Saturday Morning

From all the way back in Dungeon Magazine #3. The classic scenario. Described in reviews as “the OSR adventure all the others wish they were”. And my personal favourite old-school “Special Ops D&D” adventure.
Using the terrific new The Black Hack rules. (A great chance to try out the system.) We can get through this great slice of old-school fun in a single slot.
No. of Players: 5

Slot: 4 Saturday Afternoon

GM: Lynne Hardy

Bad Habits

System: Achtung! Cthulhu/Call of Cthulhu 6e/7e/Pulp mash-up

Slot: 4 Saturday Afternoon

Description: Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia, May, 1943. Father Francis Elliot has disappeared. In his last letter to his friend and former nun, Section M operative Sylvie Deschamps, he expressed concerns about the remote convent of St Anne’s in the Wilds. What has happened to the priest, what could the brides of Christ possibly be up to in the middle of nowhere and why are Section M so interested in getting to the bottom of the situation?
Equipment: Please bring your own dice. Pregenerated characters will be provided
Prior Experience: None required
Number of players: 5

GM: Paul Lawrence

Blondie: Call Me

System: Realms of Cthulhu


The year is 1985. You are members of Her Majesty’s Extra-Secret Service ( a.k.a. ‘The Laundry’) , Workgroup Codename ‘Blondie’,  whose job remit is to investigate any discoveries of the Turing Theorem, and suppress them ( in accordance with BS 5750 ).

A Gate has opened up opposite Woolworths, and you are called out to remove the problem, and find the culprit responsible. Put that can of Quatro down, and scramble into your Xr3is.

Game Notes :

[1] Contains background elements as detailed in Charles Stross ‘Laundry’ novels, although no prior reading is necessary.

[2] The pop group ‘Blondie’ does not exist in this alternate reality, however, everything else, is ‘our’ 1980’s.

Number of Players: 6

GM: Nigel Clarke

Snowstorm in the East Bight

System: The One Ring


“The companions arrive at a longhouse looking for shelter from a terrible snowstorm. There are fell voices on the winds that carry the snow, and the bite of the cold is ferocious. The weather shows no sign of abating; the companions must take shelter or perish.

The house contains a secret that the Company must resolve in order to survive.”

Suitable for players new to the One Ring system, no canon knowledge required.

Number of Players: up to 6

GM: Tony Parry

The Forgotten Saga

System: Call of Cthulhu 7th Ed (Dark Ages)


The wedding feast of Thorkell Leifsson to Fríða Biǫrnsdottir has been the success everyone at Brattahlíð anticipated. Bride and groom are well matched and are now being led to their chamber in the traditional manner.
With a chill blast of air, the doors to the long house are thrown open and the torches gutter and blow out. Falling in to the entrance is the husk of the man once know as Olafr the Reckless. He has not been seen in Brattahlíð for ten summers and was thought dead. The tale he tells makes many believe it would be better off if he was.

Number of Players: 6

GM: Ian Sandford

The Ghosts of Cable Street

System: Trail of Cthulhu


A distinguished, if highly controversial, British politician has been receiving anonymous death threats, no doubt originating from one of his many enemies. The timing is unfortunate being mere days before a mass march of his supporters into their opponents’ heartland. Can the party save him from becoming a martyr, more powerful in death than in life? The man is Sir Oswald Mosley, the date October 1936 and the location, Cable Street in London’s East End.

Number of Players: 5

GM: Robin Poole

Title: The Thin Grey Line

System: Dungeon World


Vornheim guard are more than just city watch. With special dispensation from the Marquis De Gallica they work as the city Militia but also as the street healers, arbiters of disputes, assistants to the courts of the land as executioners of men, bailiffs and coroners.  At a push they are escorts to royalty and of course an an ear for the people who are in need. Always there with a happy smile and a can do attitude.


Being a member of this elite is both an honor and a great responsibility and one which needs broad shoulders to take this burden. You have all been selected as individuals both with the strength to do so and with the skills and breadth of experience which the city needs. Some of you may feel you were press ganged into service, but I assure you the bylaws of our city do not permit such a thing.

Number of Players: 5

GM: Guy Milner

The Beard of Lhankor Mhy

System: 13th Age Glorantha


A half-mask of incredible power, said to guide even the most carefree mind into the best course of action and rule of law, would be just the artifact to restore your Clan to its rightful place as peacemakers and intermediaries. So when your routine patrol rescues a half-mad hermit who claims to have seen it, even the prospect of a journey into Snake Pipe Hollow to steal it from the largest Broo clan you have ever heard of sounds worth the risk – to your elders at least. But can you brave the Chaos-infested wastes and steal the mask … or have the Lunar patrol that your informant had already encountered got there first? An adventure for up to 6 2nd-level adventurers in 13th Age in Glorantha. 13th Age is a narrative yet tactical game where the crunch of D&D meets the rangy extemporisation of indie games. No previous experience necessary; expect player-driven narration alongside tactical combat. Pre-gens provided.

Number of players: 6

GM: Pete Atkinson

Title: Big Trouble in Little Prospect

System: Fate Core

The good people of Little Prospect live in terror of The Colonel, a megalomaniac deserter from the Confederate army who likes to shoot first and ask questions later. The Colonel’s a wanted man and there’s a reckoning a comin’. They say he’s holed up in the old mine works where he’s been digging fer something more valuable than gold, something that ain’t quite natural…
Tags: Smoking Six Guns, Purdy Ladies, Tough Hombres
Number of Players: 5

GM: Ben Quant

Title: Retail Therapy

System: Dr. Who Adventures in Time and Space


Sometimes you want a break from saving the universe and so it is that our Time Lord and his companions find themselves in the largest ever out-of-planet shopping centre, The Cornucopia. Trouble, however, has a habit of finding you, and as always all is not as it seems…
Join ‘The Locum’ and his companions as they face the dangers lurking behind a spot of retail therapy…
Any special details: Anyone welcome! No prior knowledge of system or setting required.
Number of Players: 4

GM: Julian Hayley

Title: The Museum at the End of Time

System: Mutant Crawl Classics (DCC)


So this adventure ( which was part of the Goodmans Games give away for this years Free RPG Day ) has the PC’s as youngling members of the Tribe of Cog setting out  explore the radioactive desert of Terra A.D on a Rite of Passage to propel them into adulthood. Each participant is expected to bring back to the tribe an item or functioning artifact from the time of the Ancients.
Will you all survive ( frankly this is highly unlikely ) who will bring back the most impressive artifacts and will any of you be promoted to the ranks of the Seeker Team one of  the tribes most coveted roles as a result.
Number of Players: 4 – 5

GM: Eugene Doherty

Dad’s Army III – Dig for Victory?

System: Call of Cthulhu 5.5e

Slot: 4 Saturday Afternoon


In wartime everyone must do their part no matter how minor it may seem. But when simple acts of patriotism lead to mania there must be more to it than meets the eye. It’s up to you and the other stout hearted men of the Walmington-on-Sea Home Guard to step in and stem the insanity, but have you the mental fortitude to resist what has driven others to madness and worse?
Loosely based on Diggin’ Up the Past by Daniel Harms
Prior Experience: None required
Number of players: 6-7

GM: Nick Reynolds

Title: Rustbelt

System: Blood and Water

Slot: 4 Saturday Afternoon


 The once proud city of Detroit is dying, neighbourhoods contracting and the bulldozers are moving in to clear the rotten districts as part of the Far Eastside Plan.

For some this is harder to deal with than others as their roots go back unnaturally far or unnaturally deep. Some dark houses are not empty and overlook the work crews like predators circling the waterhole.

Elsewhere the districts freshly built over the old steel bones of the city teem with hipsters and those that service their disposable faddery. Bike shops jostle with craft breweries for space.

You are refugees from both worlds, neither the bright young things, nor the dark old inhuman ones and you must try to make your way in this evolving urban landscape.

Blood & Water is James Mullen’s rules light game of people who have undergone some traumatising experience and become supernatural creatures who have had to give up their old life and band together in fellowship. Now they are trying to get by in a mostly human world and not succumb to the temptations their new life presents.

Broadly inspired by the TV series Being Human (and coincidentally, later the movie What we do in the Shadows, albeit usually less comedic), typically you are ‘classic’ monsters such as a vampire, werewolf, ghost, zombie, etc. who unable to fit in with society have been thrown together in a shared house and have to deal with the travails of everyday life that have suddenly become more difficult. A highly narrative game dealing with the difficulties of friendship and obligation, the tone and content are 100% player driven so we will establish play style during character creation.

No. of Players: 4

GM: Scott Dorward

Title: The Forcing Move

System: World War Cthulhu: Cold War

Slot: 4 Saturday Afternoon


Reykjavík, Iceland, 1972.

The World Chess Championship is an unlikely front in the Cold War. As Bobby Fischer and Boris Spassky face off over the chessboard, a small team of SIS officers find themselves engaged in their own game of move and countermove over a potential defector. An already tense situation tips over into nightmare and madness as another, more eldritch threat emerges.

Number of Players: 4 (Adults Only)

GM: Simon Burley

Title: Flight into Oblivion

System: The Cthulhu Hack

Slot: 4 Saturday Afternoon

You’re on the cheap overnight flight back from New York to the UK – you know, the one where the night only lasts about 2 hours – when things take a turn to the bizarre…..
A low budget mystery/horror film – probably a student film made on that aeroplane standing set some film colleges have, with airport scenes and special effects cut in later when they’ve got a budget – along the lines of The Langoliers, The Ninth Gate, Source Code and Constantine.
Using the terrific new Cthulu Hack rules. (A great chance to try out the system.) Can you work out what’s going on before your time is up? Flight into Oblivion is a scenario of mystery and horror. A slowly building feeling of dread followed by absolute torment – unless……….
No. of Players: 5

Slot: 5 Saturday Evening

GM: Glyn White

The Moorbreck Horror

System: Call of Cthulhu 7th Ed


The Commission of Charitable Bodies demands that the Trustees of the Moorbreck Orphanage investigate the standards of care at their home at Ormscombe in the county of Lancashire. The statistics suggest the Moorbreck Orphanage is the worst in the country for runaways and death by disease yet the Trustees have been rubber-stamping the reports of the Orphanage’s head Miss Minerva Chattoway for a decade. As the trustees stir themselves to take up the challenge, mysterious letters hint that Miss Chattoway has plenty to hide and should never have been appointed.

Keywords: Orphanages, child disappearances, gloom, misery

Number of Players: 4

GM: Stephanie McAlea

The Case of the Dollymop Guild

System: Call of Cthulhu 6th Ed (Gaslight)


When ladies of the night start to disappear in the East End of London, acclaimed consulting detectives Hudson & Brand esq. seek the help of the investigators to uncover their fate.  Spurred on by apparent indifference from the police and the well-to-do citizenry, the players characters must put an end to the disappearances before more Dollymops (prostitutes) go missing.

Number of Players: 6

GM: Simon Beaver

Wagons Roll

System: Runequest 6/Mythras


Merchant caravans of all sizes are a common sight in Prax. Nomads, oasis people and city dwellers alike travel and trade across the wastes and the Long Dry.

The caravan of Joran Trailmaster is a typically cosmopolitan group, travelling from Pimper’s Block to Pavis. Merchants, refugees and wanderers banding together to take advantage of an expert guide and to find safety, and perhaps anonymity, in numbers. For there are many dangers in the wastes of Prax – nomad raiders, malign spirits, dark Chaos creatures and the ever-present patrols of the Lunar army and their local auxiliaries.

As members of this little wagon train, you will help Joran get everyone safe and sound to Pavis. In theory it should be an easy trip with a nice group of people, on a route well travelled by caravans such as yours. It remains to be seen what dangers will appear, either from without or within.

Wagons Roll! is a game for six players set in Glorantha and using the Runequest 6/Mythras rules. No prior knowledge of either the rules or the setting is required.

Number of Players: 6

GM: Baz Stevens

Title: Bastion Nights

System: Into the Odd


The city of Bastion is home to countless expeditioneers. Those who make it back from the Deep Country lug and carry their purloined Arcana to the finest auction house in all the known world; Bailey & Motte. Tonight is the night when the finest goods go under the hammer, including your own expeditions latest discoveries. A chance to become rich beyond the dreams of wildest avarice? or a once-in-an-incarnation opportunity to purchase the fabled Black Hole Collider.
Into the Odd is old school weirdness, with super light rules, and a bizarre and inventive setting. Newbs welcomes, old hands too.

Number of Players: 4

GM: Dr. Moose

Title: The Phoney Express

System: Toon (Glorantha)


Hippi Irrippi’s Speedy Couriers (“You’ll be Over The Moon about our Service!”) face their biggest challenge yet, to escort The Baggage back to it’s (f)rightful owner – whether it wants to go or not- in the dark heart of the Uphill Swamp of Harshest Tarsh!

Warning: may feature ducks, home broo & a mighty Wurlitzer!

Number of Players: 6 (more at a pinch)

GM: Graham Spearing

All Things Blight and Beautiful

System: Symbaroum


You think that there are only five of you left. Revida and Carron were smashed by the Blight Troll and Fardi was finished by an elvish arrow. They are still hunting you. Even in Bright Davokar, the ancient forest claws and deceives. Stay together, stay together, if you can make the southern forest border then you will have escaped with your lives, and a few treasures.


Perhaps your loot from lost Symbaroum will sell at Thistle Hold, but how many of you will get there…?


Tags: Dark fantasy, Rating 15, grim and gritty combat

Number of Players: 5

GM: Andrew Richardson

Title: From Two Ridge with Love

System: HeroQuest Glorantha


Brave heroes are needed to carry gifts and messages of goodwill from Vailor Blue Fox, the newly elected king of the Malani Tribe, to Queen Leika of the Colymar, our ancient rivals. If all goes well, this could be the start of much happier relations between the Tribes.

Number of Player: 6

GM: Tony Parry

Ripper Street – Tabula Rasa

System: Call of Cthulhu 7th Ed (Gaslight)


Inspector Edmund Reid had not come up against anything as unusual this in his storied career; not even when he was hunting the Ripper. The discovery of the local Member of Parliament, Samuel Montagu, naked and apparently mindless, in a flophouse within spitting distance of the Leman Street station has caused immense consternation. It has also drawn the attention of those in power whose attention is best avoided at all cost.  Not only was Montagu naked and mindless, he was surrounded by men, women and children similarly afflicted who were drawn from all walks of London life.
It is now down to Reid, Drake and Jackson to solve this mystery ‘assisted’ by Fred Best, reporter for The Star.

Number of Players: 4

GM: Neil Gow

Title: American Die: The Reunion

System: Monsterhearts

Slot: 5 Saturday Evening


It’s been four years since you graduated and went your separate ways – some off to college, some into work and some into the armed forces, but now you’re back at High School for the traditional reunion. The Class of ’12 was a raucous one and everyone remembers the Prom… However, for some of you, things have taken a rather macabre turn towards the dark. Now, you’re being thrown back into the place you were bullied, humiliated, belittled and abused … only now, you’re the hunter, not the hunted!
American Die: The Reunion is a Monsterhearts game of students thrust back into their teenage years and all the horrors which were perpetrated upon them there and then.
Tags: Horror, Sex, Violence, most probably a load of trigger issues, Cert R18, You have been warned.
No. of Players: 4

GM: Evil Gaz

Title: Double Dealing

System: Savage Worlds (Lankhmar)

Slot: 5 Saturday Evening

n a burned out habadashery in the bowels of the city, a group of independent “free agents” ply their trade without paying dues to the Theives’ Guild. A dangerous position, but a lucrative one if you can find the work. As luck would have it, a noble woman has been disadvantaged by some merchants, and our plucky crew have the opportunity to rescue her valuables and make themselves a tidy profit into the bargain. What could possibly go wrong?
No. of Players:  5

GM: Scott Dorward

Title: The Way of All Flesh

System: Call of Cthulhu

Slot: 5 Saturday Evening


Reverend Cobb and his family have just moved to the small town of Boreham, in rural Massachusetts. The First Congregational Church has been without a rector since the disappearance of Reverend Winthrop earlier in the year. However unfortunate the circumstances, this may become a time of renewal for the Cobbs and the people of Boreham.

The reverend has challenges to overcome, however. Winter is here, and with it, long, dark nights and heavy snow, cutting the town off from the rest of the world. The townsfolk have become reclusive, and attendance at the church has dwindled. Surely the arrival of a new rector will bring the congregation back. Or maybe the problem is not that the locals have lost their faith, but that they have found a new one…

Number of Players: 4 (Adults Only)

GM: Simon Burley

Title: All of Time and Space

System: Manifold (Code of the Spacelanes)

Slot: 5 Saturday Evening

Set in the worlds of Dr Who. You can make any character from across Time and Space – just not anyone who’s every appeared on the TV series. Somehow you’ve all washed up aboard a runaway Tardis.
IF you can get along with your shipmates, and
IF you can work out how to land the bloody thing and
IF you can manage to get the doors open
There’ll be mysteries to solve and adventures to be had…………
Played using one of my lightweight game systems (2d6, easy to learn, fun!) this is the scenario I’ve run to acclaim at convention after convention. (If you think you’ve played it before, don’t worry, I’ve got another adventure to waiting outside the Tardis doors to substitute if necessary.)
No. of Players: 5