List of Freeforms for 2016

Continuum 2016,

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Critical Path – Friday – 20:00 – Treroose Ground Floor
by Amanda Brown, Jill Krynicki Dutcher, James Silverstein, Brandon Brylawski, Doug Freedman
Critical Path is a game of intense, interpersonal drama and shifting perspectives set aboard a prototype starship on its maiden voyage. Note: This game contains mature, angst-ridden themes.

Highly Haunted Live! – Friday – 20:00 – Wighton Ground Floor
by CJ Romer
Play the crew of Highly Haunted Live as they engage in a make or break ghosthunting TV show live from Leicester! A spooky supernatural horror comedy game based upon those awful things you get on cable TV. CAUTION: it is planned to film sequences! (See below)

1215 & All That  – Saturday – 10:00 – Treroose Ground Floor
by CJ Romer
It’s 1215 and King John (who is a Bad King) is under pressure form the French (who he has just lost most of his Empire to!), the Scots, the Barons and the Pope. In fact he has run out of friends, if he ever had any. All apart from William the Marshal, the Greatest Knight in the World, who is a Good man and protects the King from his many enemies. Now however the Barons have got uppity, and prepared a long laundry list of grievances and trying to run John to ground to make him sign them…

Ex Nihilo – Saturday – 10:00 – Wighton Ground Floor
by Karolina Soltys, Mike Snowden, Steve Hatherley, Theo Clarke, Tym Norris and Tony Mitton
A small team of scientists gather at an isolated lodge deep in the Finnish forests for the culmination of a breakthrough research project. With them are the human-form artificial intelligences they have been developing for the past two years. Now the team must select the most successful product and decide their project’s next stage.

Spellbound – Saturday – 14:00 – Wighton Ground Floor
by Lisa Perez. Published by Freeform Games
Staff and students at the Tremaine School of Magic are under attack. Who has wiped the Headmaster’s memory and will they strike again … with deadlier consequences? A family-friendly magical mystery freeform.

A Grandiose Disaster! – Saturday – 14:00 – Treroose Ground Floor
by Mike Young
Everthing seemed fine but then it happened…

A Grandiose Disaster is a live action roleplaying game where you play out your own character-centric disaster/horror movie! Using a set of structured scenarios, anywhere from 6 to 12 players play archetypical characters run through the wringer of the disaster. Who will you try to save? What choices do you make to survive?

Burning Orchid – Saturday – 20:00 – Treroose Ground Floor

An intensely character-focused, traditional 3-hour freeform with adult themes.
by Ben Allen, Nickey Barnard, Martin Jones, Heidi Kaye and Alison Rider Hill
Steaming rows, hidden passions, and bitter regret are on the menu for the evening at this wrap party for a 1932 Hollywood movie set in the depths of the Guatemalan Jungle.

Love Letter – Saturday – 20:00 – Wighton Ground Floor
by Natalie Curd, Roger Gammans, Elyssia Mccormick, Richard Perry
A game of love won, squandered or destroyed, set against the background of World War II. A group of friends gather and explore their evolving relationships during the war. This is an episodic game, with three scenes stretching across the War and after.

MASH Brothers in Arms – Sunday – 14:00 – Treroose Ground Floor
by Nickey Barnard, Natalie Curd, Phil Dall, Tony Mitton, Alison Rider-Hill

The year is 1953, Dolores Day rides high in the Box Office, Nat King Cole rules the radio… and American GIs are fighting the gooks in Korea. In the 3066th Mobile Army Surgical Hospital, moments of terror are interspersed with days of boredom waiting for the wounded troops to arrive.

Saga of the Lost – Sunday – 14:00 – Wighton Ground Floor
by Nick Curd, Alex Jones, Alli Mawhinney, Tony Mitton, Mike Snowden & Traci Whitehead
A dark horror freeform game based on Norse mythology. It is in two parts, and focuses on a crew of Viking that become trapped on a strange island monastery by a terrible storm… But first, let’s drink some Ale! And tell each other some sagas around the warm camp fire.

The Gehenna Memo – Sunday – 20:00 – Wighton Ground Floor
by Malcolm Harbrow of LARP Wellington
Bletchley Park – the most secret place in the British war effort. Five thousand boffins and debs work on cracking German codes. The resulting intelligence, code-named ULTRA, is so secret that entire cities have been sacrificed to protect it. But there are secrets here even darker than ULTRA..